100 Word Challenge – Week 52.2 – Tinker Tailor

The increasing whine of sparking machinery could not mute his cackle as the hermit tinkered with his new toy. Chattering to himself, the genius threw switches and pressed buttons before proclaiming to the observers, “Gentlemen! I present to you, the finest weapon crafted by mortal hands! The Tri-Beam Cannon!”

On cue, the shimmer of heavenly white cascaded outward into the black, smashing into a barren rock. Together the flames and sheer force chewed through the target like butter, and then kept going into the Moon itself.  While the rest applauded our brilliance, I couldn’t help but whisper “Now we have become death…”


Entry #2 in this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. I think everyone has a little mad scientist deep down, and they like to have fun too. Of course, that’s not always a happy result…


100 Word Challenge – Week 52.1: Flicker

It didn’t matter that his quarters were barely tidied up after the last skirmish. It didn’t matter that the roast chicken he had bartered tooth and nail for was saved only by a liberal helping of teriyaki sauce. It didn’t even faze them that the haphazardly-built music system he had made only had one working speaker or that the environmental lighting may not come back on anytime soon.

All Tyko could hear right now was Rema’s snuggled breaths against his sternum as they swayed. Together the flames and their shadows waltzed along the walls as he held her tightly. Nothing could spoil that.


Entry #1 for this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. I honestly don’t think I write bits like this enough, so I hope this one does well. Enjoy!

100 Word Challenge – Week 51.2: Merciless Storm

It had come down to it at last.

At first, battle had been done simply with words and glares across the tables.  And then the incursions started. Minor pecks and skirmishes in the dawn, which quickly degenerated to outright warfare. Each side came at each other relentlessly, sparing no quarter and asking none.  In short order, allies, neighbors and even outright strangers were pulled into the sickening fray. Casualties were as beaten as they were numerous, until finally the line was drawn in bloody sand and the ambassadors summoned.

“Councilors, if there are no pending issues, then this divorce hearing will come to order.”


My second attempt for this week, and one that sadly holds a lot of personal weight to myself and many others. It was once said that “It is better to have love, then lost, then never to have loved at all.” Moments like this slap that saying right across its cheeks.

100 Word Challenge – Week 51.1: One Line at a Time

It began with one.

A simple blot on the parchment. Yet even that much made his quill shake.  He had dreamt of this moment for what felt like a lifetime, formed and re-formed the words in his brainpan. He’d seen the thoughts prance in dreams and mix the myriad mortal moments into mush.  So now, to hesitate on the beginnings of greatness?

Could there be no worse insult to his trade? To her, whom this dedication was written to?

It would not be so.

Finally, the line was drawn from the congealing ink as the poet began his trade “To thee, my beloved Beatrice…”


It happens to all of us, somewhere in our hobbies or careers. That dreaded moment when the words seem to get lost between brain and paper. So how do you overcome that? Well, here’s how the process seems to work for me most of the time.

100 Word Challenge – Week 50.2: Stand Your Ground

Against the weight of the water, they pushed through broken streets and homes. The rain turned the road into a river, but that wasn’t their concern. Instead, the tireless warriors swept against the current to pick up those flooded and scared. Rounding a bend, the convoy suddenly stared into a raging wall of water, causing all but the lead truck to halt.

 “We’re not gonna make it!”

“Yes we will, Bumblebee! Autobots, transform and stand your ground!” Upon command, the cranking and clattering of gears changed the vehicles into their more humanoid shape, allowing Optimus and the rest to brace its weight against the surf .


And here is part two of this week, since I couldn’t decide which one was better. And I’ve been catching up on my late 80’s/early 90’s nostalgia. Good times.

I hope you all enjoy!

100 Word Challenge – Week 50.1: Flooded Path

The rain turned the road into a river hours ago.

Or was it years now? How long had it really been since he had seen his feet?

He shook his head at the notion. It didn’t matter if he could see what was under him. All that would look up at him would be their faces.

The sentry who felt a knife suddenly buried in his throat while he watched a door.

The soldiers he picked off at a thousand yards with a high powered rifle.

The rookie who couldn’t swim away from their crash site.

They were his path now.


This week was an…interesting one. So much to do before vacation, but this one has been on my mind all day.

I do hope you all enjoy!

100 Word Challange – Week 49: Power serve

His muscles were drained and the sweat was all he could taste. But there was no time for weakness now, no room for error. This was his moment. The crowd went still as he stepped to the line. He could end the game in one final swing, and they knew it.

Murray was just about to serve for the Championship when he noticed it. The ball did not bounce like it should have; instead it had a weight to it that shifted like water.  Shaking it off as simple nerves, Andy swung with all his power. Only to see his racket carve the ball into droplets and wash over him.


Its hard to come so close, and still be so far. Almost like victory was simply washed away. So that’s what I saw with this prompt.

100 Word Challange – To Chopper (First Blog Test)

“..so, he comes downstairs, still wearing the Colonel’s favorite tie as a bandanna!” he said, snickering madly.

“And what did Perrault say?” Grimm asked.

“He looks right at me and yells ‘You’re flight leader! You didn’t know about this?!’ And I said ‘Sure, but I blamed the dog.'” Blaze replied.

Everyone around him instantly lost their senses, howling in amusement.  Their noise filled the halls of the base , since their friend could not be there to do it himself. At least, until the weight of his passing muted the moment once more.

“To Chopper” Blaze said, raising his glass.

“To Chopper,” they replied in unison.


Well, after some convincing and a theory, I’ve decided to start posting some things here as well. Hopefully, I will be able to get much use out of this site.