100 Word Challange – To Chopper (First Blog Test)

“..so, he comes downstairs, still wearing the Colonel’s favorite tie as a bandanna!” he said, snickering madly.

“And what did Perrault say?” Grimm asked.

“He looks right at me and yells ‘You’re flight leader! You didn’t know about this?!’ And I said ‘Sure, but I blamed the dog.'” Blaze replied.

Everyone around him instantly lost their senses, howling in amusement.  Their noise filled the halls of the base , since their friend could not be there to do it himself. At least, until the weight of his passing muted the moment once more.

“To Chopper” Blaze said, raising his glass.

“To Chopper,” they replied in unison.


Well, after some convincing and a theory, I’ve decided to start posting some things here as well. Hopefully, I will be able to get much use out of this site.

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