Free Write Friday -Scenario #2: “I’m So Sorry…”

I run as fast as I can, weaving around trees and roots alike. The tears from my cheeks drip into the dark pools among the swamp as I race. Flashes of light and impatient hollers tell me they are not far behind. But for an instant, just one moment, I lose them and duck behind a larger tree.

The whimpers mix in with my panting well enough to hurt so I try to stay silent. ‘Why? Why are they chasing me? I never meant to hurt anyone? I just…I just don’t know what went wrong…’

That’s a lie. A lie to myself. I know what went wrong, and I know it’s all my fault. All because I’m different from them. From anyone else.  ‘But it’s not my fault, that I’m like this…it just…makes me special’

The whimper tries to escape my mouth, so I bite it back down. It was that difference after all that led to people seeing me, noticing me. Caring for me. Loving me.

So, one day, I decided to be brave and come out to talk to them.

“Stupid.” “Retarted.” “Dangerous.” I could hear them yell.  Even if there were those who cried back to support me, to be my friends, there was nothing they could do. I was doomed.

Suddenly, I choke back a sniff, which brings the lights down upon me. My hunters look down on me, but not in anger. They look…sorry for me.

“Why?” I ask them, voice cracking. “Why can’t I talk to them anymore? Why do I have to go away? I don’t wanna go away!” I couldn’t hold it in anymore, collapsing against one of their legs and crying aloud.

I felt him shake, like he too was sobbing, before wrapping me up in his arms. I don’t care about that anymore, since it might be the last time I ever feel this again.

“I’m sorry,” was all he could say, before his partner tapped me with that glowing staff. And slowly, I faded away into the void. Back into the background prison. Only to be seen, never again heard. But I think of all those who said they loved me, and how much I love them. And suddenly, I’m not so alone anymore.


This is a new challenge I stumbled into, called Free Write Friday, hosted by

And I will be completely honest. I cried while writing this. Heck, even typing this, I’m still crying. I haven’t written anything that moved me this much in a long time. So I encourage anyone who reads it to take the challenge too, and see how far you can go!

Also, special thanks to Mayumi, aka BonusParts for teaching me how to not stink at linking things here!


8 thoughts on “Free Write Friday -Scenario #2: “I’m So Sorry…”

  1. Oh wow! I am fighting back a lump in my throat. You did an exceptional job at evoking emotion with this piece. Whether it is relative to you or not, I felt personally attached to the person depicted and I wanted to reach out and hug them.
    Well done! Pleased to have you join us for FWF. I applaud this touching contribution and thank you for sharing it with us.
    Please, write with us again soon!

  2. Thank you very much! I’m glad you were able to get so much out of it. And I look forward to contributing much more!

  3. Mayumi-H says:

    I’m really curious as to the background story, here. I feel like the narrator is part of some mystical other-world, a world behind a veil. Are the hunters like keepers of the peace, sort of like Daywatch and Nightwatch? I was reminded a lot of the Heartless (I think they’re called) from the Kingdom Hearts series…shades of mortal kind.

    Quite sombre, but effective. And, good to see you branching out. 🙂

    Well done!

    • Thanks Mayumi!
      A very good insight, and quite the creative view of this one. I can see where that comes from too.
      As for if I will revisit this one, I’m not sure yet. This was a lot more of a instantaneous piece, but we will see what happens.
      Still, I’m very happy you enjoyed! This will be something I try again for sure!

      • Mayumi-H says:

        Now, I get it. 🙂 (And, no, the FF and FP sites will not let you link directly. They prevent HTML code in messaging and stories – maybe in comments, too – because they want to cut down on spamming.)

        I think you did a great job capturing the emotions, here. I’m not familiar with the fandom, so I didn’t get the reference initially. But it’s a very well-done piece that’s full of feelings that are, appropriately, quite raw.

      • And that’s quite all right. To me, that means I have still established the emotional impact that I had felt when I was writing this. To me, that means more than just relating the subject. So I am very happy that it seems to have worked.
        Thank you!

  4. This is so sad! I have a lump in my throat from reading it. You’ve managed to get so much emotion into this short piece. I’m glad you’ve joined FWF! I don’t do it every week – I only ever do these exercises if the prompt evokes something in me – but I noticed from 100WCGU that you’re brilliant at coming up with something every time. I look forward to seeing what you make of more of Kellie’s prompts!

    • Thank you Rachel!
      This one might have hit me the hardest in terms of things I’ve written, but I like to think that it touches others in the same way. And it sounds like it has reached a few, so I’m happy with that.

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