100 Word Challenge – Week 54.1: The Next Generation

The stadium was empty, save for the slow misty breeze around the descending star. He didn’t mind. It helped cool his spent muscles from the day’s battle with warriors spanning the world. Even if he wore the highest victory, that wasn’t what made him smile.

It was the cooing above his head, and the ever-shifting load upon his shoulders. While the little one now used gold medal as a chewing ring, there was no more precious reward under the heavens.

Suddenly, the tyke cooed in awe and pointed at the sunset.

“That’s right, little one. That is your medal. Your legacy.”


Entry #1 for this week’s 100-Word-Challenge from Julia’s Place. This week’s theme of ‘legacy’ needed to be big and long-standing. And what is bigger than parenthood?

I hope you all enjoy!

8 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Week 54.1: The Next Generation

  1. Sandra says:

    Nice vignette. Getting things in perspective.

  2. Delft says:

    Lovely. Though I’m not sure gold makes a good chewing ring ;-).

  3. Mayumi-H says:

    Nice job capturing both the idea of games and of familial legacy. Your narrator (my first thought was gladiator, but then I considered that maybe “doing battle” is simply another way to describe such high-flown competition as an Olympiad) has a good flow to his voice, and that first descriptive paragraph is a nice one.

    I’d personally try to avoid using the same verb (coo, in this case) twice so closely together…but I also know that, sometimes, the perfect word is just that: perfect.

    It’s a charming moment, captured well. 🙂

  4. Honestly, I didn’t even notice I used it so close together until you mentioned it. Even on review. Whoops ^^;
    But you are quite right, sometimes the verb or noun or whatever it may be just fits perfectly. And who am I to argue?
    Always a pleasure to read your thoughts on my work!

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