100 Word Challenge – Week 54.2: Blood History

His boot-steps echoed through the room as she bathed. Carefully, he splashed the lathered cascade across her body, clearing away the dirt and clutter.  “Been quite a day, hasn’t it?” he whispered, bringing the foam to her face.

It was here that he paused, seeing the rows of kills painted under his name. “This is my legacy, our legacy, isn’t it love? This is all anyone will ever see of us. Not as man and machine, just dealers of death.”

Cipher smiled to himself, snagging the rag off his Eagle’s wing. There was still a lot of aircraft left to clean.


And entry #2 for this week’s challenge from Julia’s Place. Because sometimes your legacy is written for you, and no words will ever wipe that away.

I hope you all enjoy!

8 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Week 54.2: Blood History

  1. Sandra says:

    Nice piece of misdirection here – momentarily I had visions of someone in the bath with kills adorning the tiles all around.

  2. Delft says:

    Very surprising indeed. And a great image of the man’s relationship with his machine.

    • Some say it’s a guy thing, but I think everyone has a machine they talk to at least once in life. Some people just get to take it a few steps farther.
      Thank you for the feedback!

  3. Mayumi-H says:

    I like your Cipher. 🙂 That fighter really is his partner, isn’t she?

    I agree with Sandra – it’s a neat little piece of misdirection, but it’s fitting. Nicely done. 🙂

  4. That she is. Rouges and wanderers like him sometimes bond onto whatever they are around the most, I think. In this case, an F-15.
    I’m happy you like what you read! I’ll be visiting him again.

  5. catnipoflife says:

    Great story! Like others my first impression was the score for personal kills. Love the connection to the machine. . .

    BTW Thank you for visiting catnipoflife and leaving such great comments! I am humbled! Through Kellie I am beginning to venture outside my poetry box. Quite a challenge. I did not find this week’s FWF but I did read the one from the previous week. Great read with just the right emotive touch! Looking forward to reading more. . .Just started following you:>)

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