100 Word Challenge – Week 56.2: Divide and Conquer

They stood at the edge of the battlefield, each itching to dive into the fray. Certainly, there was no shortage of targets, but being clear is essential to success, so they had to choose very carefully.

“What about that group over there?”  Wes asked.

Hobbie scowled “Doubt it, they look too involved with themselves. You’d never get close.”

“Says the man who’s been on the same ale for an hour. Come on, man. It’s simple, I’ll take the five on the left, you chat up the others.”

“Wes, how many women do you think you can impress at once with your ‘Adumari pole dancing’ routine?”


Entry #2 for this Week’s 100 Word Challenge. And a time to revisit a few of my favorite characters in fiction. Even being minor one in their own universe most of the time, I will always have a soft spot for these Rogues.

I hope you all enjoy!

9 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Week 56.2: Divide and Conquer

  1. I love the plan of attack analogy. Well done.

  2. catnipoflife says:

    Now, that is funny and again you shattered my thought processes of a possible hunting trip. . .targets, OK – um-m-m-m? Group? That was the clincher. There is a covey of birds, flock of geese, lone (maybe couple) of deer, but group of ???? Ah-h-h! Now that I think of it, they were on the hunt!

  3. Mayumi-H says:

    Aw, Wes and Hobbie! 😀

    They’ve got very real voices from your pen, so much that they don’t even need the Rogues reference. I know why you did it (because I do it, too); I mean only that the characters are so robust – even with relatively few words – that you could have named them Hess and Wobbie, and it would have worked equally as well. 🙂

    Still, a quite amusing foray into their world. Though, now, I want to know about the Adumari pole dance!

    • I really enjoy the almost sibling-like chemistry between these two, with Wedge and Tycho completing the mix. Were I to meet anyone in fiction, it would be this crew.
      I’m happy you enjoyed!

  4. What an excellent piece, the characters really came to life x

  5. […] And entry #2 for this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. Since I couldn’t seem to find any humor in last week, I need to hit the ground running this week. So, I think this is a good start. This is also a direct sequel to one of my earlier challenge entries, titled “Divide and Conquer” […]

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