Five Sentence Fiction: Memories

The sands in the hourglass had run low, taking their toll on mind and matter, though his weathered eyes did not see it, nor his calloused hands feel it. Instead he saw the reflection of who she was when they first met. The salt-and-pepper locks restored to full midnight beauty, cheeks smooth as a still lake surface and eyes emboldened with curious fire.  No matter how many suns had fallen or tolls had been paid to life and livelihood; she had never dimmed, even now in the twilight of the pendulum. Such memories could not be tainted or sullied, even as the grandchildren voiced their utter horror and disgust as they kissed.


My entry for the previous week’s Five Sentence Fiction Challenge from Lillie McFerrin. Because somethings can withstand more than even time can dish out.

I hope you all enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Memories

  1. Sandra says:

    Excellent, beautifully descriptive. Loved the ‘full midnight beauty’ and ‘twilight of the pendulum’. Well done.

  2. Mayumi-H says:

    Hee hee. Really liked that lush description, but liked even more that turnaround at the end. It added a lovely touch of reality and humor. Well done!

  3. Your language is wonderful…and I hope my husband is thus enamoured in my twilight years! Some gorgeous phrases!

  4. Oh, every girl wants to be looked at like this for the rest of their lives. Such a lovely piece 🙂

  5. And a smart man will do just that.:)
    Thank you for reading Lillie!

  6. stories4tots says:

    Lovely! I remember we grandchildren reacted that way with my grandparents. Didn’t see it from their perspective!

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