100 Challenge – Week 58.1: The Last Centurion

Only the breeze whispered to weathered senses as he sat under the shade of their tree. The blanket under him tried to flee, but he would not let the perfection of the scene scatter for her arrival. This was their spot, staked out by solitude, shared through countless sunsets.

But she did not come, nor did he expect her to anymore.  Only he and time manned the post now.

Finally, as the sun dimmed beneath night, so too did his gaze as the apple fell from his hand, bearing her name.  He didn’t need it anymore. They were together now at last in their sanctuary.


Entry #1 for this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. A lot of this one was spawned simply from this song and what my mind did with the tones, undertones and recent events on this end.
I hope you all enjoy!

10 thoughts on “100 Challenge – Week 58.1: The Last Centurion

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    Maudlin and lovely. I liked the slowness of this piece; it fit very well with the simplicity of the theme.

  2. GoofyJ says:

    Very well done – I liked the imagery of the blanket trying to flee.

  3. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Yes, sad but very gentle.

  4. Delft says:

    The music fits perfectly with the story. Between doom-laden and resigned. Though it does make one wonder how it all happened.

  5. KP says:

    Sadness and comfort. Nicely done.

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