100 Word Challenge – Week 57: Weak Spot

He knew it was wrong the moment they arrived at his flat. She was a coworker, a junior at that. But all thoughts stopped the moment she pulled his lips down to hers. After that, only reckless desire was heard. The need for him to end a barren drought of existence and remember what life tasted like. Her wish to leave the hurtful world behind for just one night and smile again.

Now, there was no returning to the routine. Nothing would wipe away the feeling of warmth from her ensnare, or the sad smile that came with the dawn of the next day.


My entry for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Julia’s Place. (What’s this? Only one entry?!) It’s been a hectic week, but the moment I saw the prompt, this wrote itself in one flurry of keystrokes.

I hope you all enjoy!

Five Sentence Fiction: Smile

Hers was a smile he could wrap himself like a blanket, framed in midnight locks surfing down her cheeks and spine. Whenever she wore it, a small slice of sun would shine, even now in the dead of a slumbering night.

Muted breaths tickled his sternum as she stirred around him to snuggle him closer. Carefully, he replied in kind, tugging her hips closer to his.

And even if the alarm clock were an eternity away, he asked it silently for just a moment longer to spend so ensnared.


And entry #2 for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. The other half of the first thing I thought of/ But this one is much more personal as it is dedicated to someone close.

I hope you all enjoy!

Five Sentence Fiction: Thoughts of a Demon

He wondered how many of them had faces turned to the morning sun as he approached, only to scan the skies for an Eagle’s roar.

He wondered how many of his opponents panicked when they saw the hellhound on his nose screaming into their homes.

He wondered how many his comrades took to the sky with him for no other reason than to be under his care, placing all faith in his title and record above even their own abilities.

He wondered how many of them saw the steel rain come down from his wings to forever burn their gazes heavenward.

Cipher wondered aloud, for the sake of saving the lives of his own home and fellow warriors, if being the Demon Lord had finally cost him his conscience.


Entry #1 in this week’s Five Sentence Fiction contest from Lillie McFerrin. This week’s theme was ‘Faces’ and this is half of the first thing I thought of. Sometimes I wonder if I overstep myself, submitting 2+ 100-Word-Challenges, 2 of these this week, and who knows about Free Write Friday. But this is what came to me, so I want to share it with you.

I hope you all enjoy!