Five Sentence Fiction: Potions

He scanned the apothecary shelves, curiosity overriding logical sense that would normally prevent such a search. Concoctions and creations of all brands surrounded him, some aglow and others gravitating. Yet the one he was gestured to stood alone from its brethren, sheathed in cobweb and shimmering a dull cerulean.

“For an unreachable dream or an insatiable desire, accept my terms and receive the boost you require.  If your wish is true and not fraught with greed or lust then I, Deus ex Machina, shall bring make it so, that you can trust.”


My entry for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. In the spirit of Old Hallow’s Eve, the theme was “potions”. And what better potion could there be than one to grant that wish in your heart of hearts?
I hope you all enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Potions

  1. Delft says:

    Don’t touch it! The cobwebs are there for a good reason. “Accept my terms” always means the price will be more than you bargained for…

    Gripping. I like the way you say so much obliquely.

  2. Andrew says:

    There’s always a catch. Tit for tat. Walk away!

  3. JazzBumpa says:

    But all the good wishes are fraught with greed and lust.

  4. Sounds too good to be true, and like the others I would query the cobwebs…if it does what it says how come no one else has tried it? Beautifully tempting description though!

  5. Mayumi-H says:

    Reading through the other comments, I think I misread the impetus behind this one, because I actually chuckled. No one likes to resort to the Deus ex machina (at least, I don’t), so it was little wonder to me why the potion has gone so long untouched. I do agree that the description is lovely, though. 🙂

    • I agree that no one like to use such an easy solution, though it can indeed be tempting at times. But sometimes, life just needs the improbable to happen.
      I’m happy you enjoyed as always Mayumi!

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