Free Write Friday: Abandoned Sword

The rapidly freezing air bit at his fingertips in the dark as the random weightlessness lifted and dropped him in his seat. No longer did the hum of life radiate from around him. Only the warm trickle down his brow and around his visor reminded him that there was still a chance for hope to run out for an angel to sweep in and find him.
He didn’t mind much. His job had been done.

The call had gone out among their ranks for one flyer. One ship to carry one payload into the very heart of darkness and deliver it. It was a diversion, a ploy to fracture the enemy’s attention away from the frontline.  Though this brave soul would never know if this plan worked or not, and they all knew it from the briefing.  Still, something had to be done. Too long had they all been on defense, on the retreat, on the receiving end of pain and humiliation. It would take a bold move to take back some form of initiative.

The fight had been glorious from the beginning.  One lone bomber dipping and weaving through defenses built to rip titans apart could not keep up with him, nor did he try to take on the defenders alone. Dumping everything into his engines, he came into the shipyard screaming, burning, and indomitable.  And the ensuing explosion from his delivery was worthy of the cosmos themselves.  In a flash, the odds had been evened. Earth now glowed a bit brighter in confidence and his friends now wore just that much more hope to balance the weight of duty and war. Was there no greater cause a man could lay down his life for than his friends?

“Give ‘em hell guys…”came the last whisper.


One entry for this week’s Free Write Friday by Kellie Elmore. This week’s prompt was “Abandoned”. And one man leaving behind hope for his own future is a necessary, if grim, fee to pay to save another.

I hope you all enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Free Write Friday: Abandoned Sword

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  2. Mayumi-H says:

    Great job portraying that mix of dedication and self-sacrifice so common to romantic soldiers. It puts me in a solid frame of mind for my own writing, of course, but that’s just a selfish comment. Your narrator’s relating of recent events is full of the guts-and-glory mentality that should be his, by right. Nice.

    • It’s not selfish at all, I’m happy I could point your thoughts into proper direction.
      And I won’t lie, this would be the way I would go out too, if the choice were mine.
      Thanks again Mayumi!

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