Five Sentence Fiction – Ending

There was no heroic sacrifice among the sand and twisted metals of what was, no valiant struggle in battle like they said.

Only the empty shell of a life welcomed him back, warmth and smiles ripped from its bones. In place of her laughter and comfort, silence became his loyal companion as the sun spun steadfast and onward.

It came slowly for him from the depth of every shadow, allowing the poisons to eat away at the senses and soul while only the pendulum had the strength to carry on.

It wasn’t supposed to end like this…


My entry for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. And this one hits a bit close to a subject that is often spoken of, but never easy to confront. It’s a tragedy so many must face.

I hope you all enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Ending

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Another powerful piece. I like this one, too. hugs, pat

  2. Mayumi-H says:

    On a first pass, I like this, especially the feeling of soldiering on in those first two paragraphs. Part of it’s the honesty, part of it is the imagery.

    On a second and third read, though, it feels more and more fatalistic. Perhaps equally true, that, but I’d hope for a happier resolution. I realize that’s a bit unfair, probably because I’ve been spoiled by your other updates this week, which are full of such hope and cheer. I like this one, it just requires a shift in thinking.

    I guess I shouldn’t read them all at once. 😉

    • And this is the one I wrote first of the three. I can’t say that I always do happy or grim first, then the other. It just tends to be reliant on what the prompt is.
      Still, I’m happy you like this one too.

  3. josie2shoes says:

    Intense and dark, and yes, a reality for far too many who return home. Very well written!

    • This is true, but it doesn’t apply to just the military I think. Everyone in the services, from the cops to the firefighters to the paramedics are at risk of this. Sometimes the battleground is just next door.

      Thanks again for reading, Josie!

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