100 Word Challenge – Week 75.2: Bridge

They had pushed her, cornered her and now surrounded her at the edge of the world. No matter where she turned it seemed, the dregs and wretches had enclosed her now, memories clawing at her vision and pained howls sapping her will.

And then she stepped back onto a bridge, one that wasn’t there before. It was simple, but the wood and rope did not sway in the turbulence. Across it was its founder, hand outstretched and freedom waiting.  Try as they might, the vileness would not touch it. No more could they stalk her.

Across the chasm beckoned forgiveness.


And entry #2 in this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. How else to describe this one save for a point we have all been at during our lives at one point. I can only hope you found your bridge too.

I hope you all enjoy.


100 Word Challenge – Week 75.1: For Tomorrow

image011The Grand Canyon; 227 miles long, 18 wide and over a mile deep.  It took two billion years of nature’s fury to carve such a wonder.  Or five seconds from a Bri’nell warship. It was a frightening preview of what Earth would soon be if they failed.

Andromeda to all ships, Charon Station reports enemy fleet approaching; estimated strength outnumbers us seven to one.”

Though the bridge around him was silent in weighted dread, they all knew what order was coming. It was the only one they would accept. “Trinity acknowledges. All ships, we hold this line at any cost.”


Entry #1 for this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. I’ve never actually been to the Gran Canyon yet, only seeing it from the sky. But whenever I do, I always think of what it took to make it, and what kind of raw power that must be.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy.

Five Sentence Fiction: Ringing

It rises from the depths, a scream dipping with bane and disdain for all around it. Nothing is safe from its wrath; one shrill note to empty the lands and driving the wildlife into the winds. It comes from the darkness without warning and without remorse. Only until a mighty hand rises from the mortal world to defeat it will it be silenced.

Or at least muted for another ten minutes thanks to the wonderfully addicting “Snooze” button.


My entry for this week’s 5 Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. The challenge was “Ringing”, and we all have fought this enemy before. It is evil, ruthless and merciless, and often very rude. So take comfort in the days where it doesn’t come looking for you.

I hope you all enjoy.

100 word Challenge – Week 74: Roughing It

“I really do hate these remote assignments.” Hobbie said, shielding his eyes from the unforgiving sun.

“I know what you mean, Hobbs. If it gets any worse, I’ll volunteer to go back to Hoth and shovel snow!” Wes replied as he fought what little fabric was available to cover him.

“We didn’t have a choice. The extreme weather meant that we either set down here and wait, or risk running out of fuel and then we’d be in real trouble.” Tycho reminded them, before tapping Wedge on the shoulder, “Right, boss?”

Their leader grinned, “Absolutely. Speaking of no fuel… Waitress; another Sunset Margarita, please.”


My entry for this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. And as a man who travels a lot, it really is a pain when the weather has to cause that unfortunate delay. 😀

I hope you all enjoy.

Five Sentence Fiction – Part 2 of 2: The Forgotten

The praises of the men behind the trigger have been sung a thousand fold, but no one thanks the hammer that forged them.

Everyone has cheered for the justice that swings a shining sword, but are still for the broken back that shaped it.

The reputation of brilliance was built on deduction and calculation, yet the clues are burned away once used.

Stars and lives have been charted from start to end, but who was the first to look up and dream?

Who thanks the hands behind the hands?


And entry #2 for last week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. Same theme as part 1, but this one actually came first. Because sometimes, good deeds or intentions just goes unseen or unappreciated.

I hope you all enjoy, and take a little time to pat yourselves on the back just for being awesome at whatever it is you do or like.

Five Sentence Fiction – 1 of 2: History

We are that which you choose to see, but remain immortal behind your eyes. Every time you see her, you will see us, the stain and betrayal and lust lapping at her cheeks. And every time she looks at you, she will see this face aflame and bleeding with anger and lies.

You cannot stop this, you will never be rid of us. Try as you wish, we will never be forgotten.


Entry #1 for last week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. The challenge was: “Forgotten”, and like it or not, we all have something hidden behind our smiles that we want to forget. So how many others can see it?

I hope you all enjoy.

100 Word Challenge – Week 73: Last Echo

They bounced off every hall and corner like ghosts among shadow. Throughout the chambers beating, they tumbled without a course or a barrier.

There was nothing to stop them. Nothing for them to hold on to anymore. Barren walls and frigid air greeted every stroke and counterpoint as fingers raked across tear-stained keys until the notes from the piano were all that could be heard.

No more hollow shimmer of laughter or tenderness, nor pitter-patters of feet lifted forever heavenward. The piano wept for them as well, and for the broken master at the ivory. Until at last, the final crescendo shattered upon the floor.


My entry for last week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. I didn’t even get a chance to see what it was until yesterday, which goes to show how busy I’ve been. 2013 has been a crazy year already…

Still, I hope you all enjoy.