100 Word Challenge – Week 75.2: Bridge

They had pushed her, cornered her and now surrounded her at the edge of the world. No matter where she turned it seemed, the dregs and wretches had enclosed her now, memories clawing at her vision and pained howls sapping her will.

And then she stepped back onto a bridge, one that wasn’t there before. It was simple, but the wood and rope did not sway in the turbulence. Across it was its founder, hand outstretched and freedom waiting.  Try as they might, the vileness would not touch it. No more could they stalk her.

Across the chasm beckoned forgiveness.


And entry #2 in this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. How else to describe this one save for a point we have all been at during our lives at one point. I can only hope you found your bridge too.

I hope you all enjoy.

100 Word Challenge – Week 75.1: For Tomorrow

image011The Grand Canyon; 227 miles long, 18 wide and over a mile deep.  It took two billion years of nature’s fury to carve such a wonder.  Or five seconds from a Bri’nell warship. It was a frightening preview of what Earth would soon be if they failed.

Andromeda to all ships, Charon Station reports enemy fleet approaching; estimated strength outnumbers us seven to one.”

Though the bridge around him was silent in weighted dread, they all knew what order was coming. It was the only one they would accept. “Trinity acknowledges. All ships, we hold this line at any cost.”


Entry #1 for this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. I’ve never actually been to the Gran Canyon yet, only seeing it from the sky. But whenever I do, I always think of what it took to make it, and what kind of raw power that must be.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy.

Five Sentence Fiction: Ringing

It rises from the depths, a scream dipping with bane and disdain for all around it. Nothing is safe from its wrath; one shrill note to empty the lands and driving the wildlife into the winds. It comes from the darkness without warning and without remorse. Only until a mighty hand rises from the mortal world to defeat it will it be silenced.

Or at least muted for another ten minutes thanks to the wonderfully addicting “Snooze” button.


My entry for this week’s 5 Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. The challenge was “Ringing”, and we all have fought this enemy before. It is evil, ruthless and merciless, and often very rude. So take comfort in the days where it doesn’t come looking for you.

I hope you all enjoy.

100 word Challenge – Week 74: Roughing It

“I really do hate these remote assignments.” Hobbie said, shielding his eyes from the unforgiving sun.

“I know what you mean, Hobbs. If it gets any worse, I’ll volunteer to go back to Hoth and shovel snow!” Wes replied as he fought what little fabric was available to cover him.

“We didn’t have a choice. The extreme weather meant that we either set down here and wait, or risk running out of fuel and then we’d be in real trouble.” Tycho reminded them, before tapping Wedge on the shoulder, “Right, boss?”

Their leader grinned, “Absolutely. Speaking of no fuel… Waitress; another Sunset Margarita, please.”


My entry for this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. And as a man who travels a lot, it really is a pain when the weather has to cause that unfortunate delay. 😀

I hope you all enjoy.

Five Sentence Fiction – Part 2 of 2: The Forgotten

The praises of the men behind the trigger have been sung a thousand fold, but no one thanks the hammer that forged them.

Everyone has cheered for the justice that swings a shining sword, but are still for the broken back that shaped it.

The reputation of brilliance was built on deduction and calculation, yet the clues are burned away once used.

Stars and lives have been charted from start to end, but who was the first to look up and dream?

Who thanks the hands behind the hands?


And entry #2 for last week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. Same theme as part 1, but this one actually came first. Because sometimes, good deeds or intentions just goes unseen or unappreciated.

I hope you all enjoy, and take a little time to pat yourselves on the back just for being awesome at whatever it is you do or like.

Five Sentence Fiction – 1 of 2: History

We are that which you choose to see, but remain immortal behind your eyes. Every time you see her, you will see us, the stain and betrayal and lust lapping at her cheeks. And every time she looks at you, she will see this face aflame and bleeding with anger and lies.

You cannot stop this, you will never be rid of us. Try as you wish, we will never be forgotten.


Entry #1 for last week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. The challenge was: “Forgotten”, and like it or not, we all have something hidden behind our smiles that we want to forget. So how many others can see it?

I hope you all enjoy.

100 Word Challenge – Week 73: Last Echo

They bounced off every hall and corner like ghosts among shadow. Throughout the chambers beating, they tumbled without a course or a barrier.

There was nothing to stop them. Nothing for them to hold on to anymore. Barren walls and frigid air greeted every stroke and counterpoint as fingers raked across tear-stained keys until the notes from the piano were all that could be heard.

No more hollow shimmer of laughter or tenderness, nor pitter-patters of feet lifted forever heavenward. The piano wept for them as well, and for the broken master at the ivory. Until at last, the final crescendo shattered upon the floor.


My entry for last week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. I didn’t even get a chance to see what it was until yesterday, which goes to show how busy I’ve been. 2013 has been a crazy year already…

Still, I hope you all enjoy.

Free Write Friday(ish) – Memento

If there was one thing I was always thankful for, it was the woods behind my house. How many days did I spend wandering them, how many nights did I spend in their care. They were my fortress away from the howls and broken walls of home, my nebula to wrap myself in and disappear.  The years may have come and gone, but the trees never walked away, and the seasons always brought new life and expansion with them.

But they weren’t mine anymore. Tomorrow I’m leaving here, running away into the world. I wonder how far I will get before they notice I’m not there. Or would they even care, now that there was one less mouth at the table…

I don’t know if you understand, or if you’ll hate me for leaving you behind, which is why I’m leaving this with you. Something you gave to me a long time ago, the first time they broke my arm. I remember you had to sneak in at the dead of night, else they would hear you. But you risked it anyway, to let me know you cared. I remember how you curled up with me and kissed me goodnight, even if I could barely stir. And when I work up the next morning, I found your treasure in my hand. That little necklace you had when you first came home with us.

I never would have thought the next time I would see you, it would be like this. Alone at last, in our woods.  Somewhere you can call home, somewhere I can’t stay anymore. I’m just too scared, too weak. So, you deserve this back, so you can always keep it close. I just hope the box is strong enough.
Goodbye, sweet Clementine.


Another renditon of this week’s Free Write Friday from Kellie Elmore. And another one I’m not likely to submit. I really don’t understand fully how such a simple prompt brings this out in me, but it does. And no, I have no experience to match or come close to this, so I’m probably writing out of my rear. I just hope not to offend or make light of anyone’s plight.

I hope you all enjoy

Five Sentence Fiction: Midnight Riders

If not for the pendulum, the hours would be infinite in the darkness where they stood. But now approached the witching hour, the final hour and the moment the angels pray for. Were it not for the pensive purr of a hundred hearts, there would truly be void among the black. And when the clock struck zero, they came to life with fire to dim the stars and wings laden with reckoning.
“Control to all squadrons; launch in order, and give ’em hell!”


My entry for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. This week’s theme was ‘Midnight’, and what better way to light the darkness than 50,000lbs of afterburner 🙂

I hope you all enjoy

Free Write Friday(ish) – The Box

It was quiet, almost dead still among the stars. A rare feat considering that not but 100 yards away sat idle rifles and loaded cannons waiting to eat them alive. Scattered among the tattered trees and burned topsoil lay the wrecks of flesh and steel that bore no more allegiance save to the dead.
But in the silence of night, these tombs shined like beacons of hope.  Rations of food saved from the weather by the broken bodies of the men who once carried them.  Guns still carrying half or even full magazines. Pristine shells to pull from shattered tanks and brought back to their ranks. It was for these treasures that they dared to crawl out of their line and forward to the teeth of hell.

“Sarge, check this out,” a low voice called to the dark. He’d found something.  Or, more to the point, he’d crawled onto something.

“What is it, son?” came Sgt Haxeburn’s reply as nearly clicked helmets with the younger soldier.
The clinking of a bandolier against the ground told him all he needed to hear, but the reflection of metal against moonlight made his blood run cold. “Okay, now listen very carefully. I’m gonna feel around the box for the wire, and then I’m gonna cut it…”

The reply was scared, and rightfully so, “Yessir…what’d … what should I…?”

“You just stay right there, and stay calm. Can you do that for me?” Hax asked, unsheathing the knife from his hip.
The younger man nodded, sweat from his brow hissing as it hit the dirt.
And the moment he dug his blade into the dirt, the veteran knew something was wrong.  There was no wire to cut, no trigger to defeat. Instead, all he found was a smooth edge.  Any other day, he would have breathed sweet relief and counted this as nothing but just another piece of rotting metal, but not this time. For the moment he tapped it, the box tapped back, then tapped again, shaking in the muck by something inside.

Suddenly, it jumped out of the ground, propelled by an open end, carrying itself and the unlucky youth barely a meter high. Though barely a fist-sized hole, it began to ingest everything around it like a great pit. The moment it caught the poor man’s bootstraps, it began to feast. Screaming aloud, the man flailed like torn paper, which Hax could not hold onto.  Shattering bones and rending skin echoed among the night as it feasted.

Scrambling back from the carnage, the sergeant could not believe what he witnessed. He’d seen people shot, detonated, impaled and otherwise torn apart, but never lapped up like so many snacks to a spoiled pet.
Once it was full, the small container fell and cracked open, a nebulous cloud of emerald and ruby released from its prison. Around Hax it swirled, which was already sickening, but to then hear it laugh in a dead man’s voice froze his blood still.

From the cloud, an eye opened, then another. Then a smile full of razors and perverse humor.

“What the…? This don’t make sense! What …what are you?”

“Make sense” it answered him, shrugging vaporous shoulders, “now, where’s the fun in that?” Slowly, it took a complete form. Though it wore the face of a man, its body was anything but. One arm sectioned and scaled like a lizard, the other muscular and furred as so many jungle cats. A leg long and slender like a spider’s oddly balanced by a crustacean’s stilt. From its back sprouted wings, full and feathered on one side, veined and buzzing on the other. And a tail, slim and wagging was tipped by a scorpion’s stinger.

The feeling of it wrapping itself around his torso like a temptress made Hax nauseous, but the knife snapped in two against toughened skin. Chuckling at the notion, it looked up an him with pleading eyes, “Oh come now, is that any way to greet me? After all, you’re the one who knocked on my door…” Swooning up at him, the demon wrapped Hax up completely, using a claw to raise his chin to its level, “Now then, what is it you want?”

He just stared at the abomination in stupefied silence, which made it chuckle, “You know, I never get tired of that face, even though I haven’t seen it in ages. But I do bore easily, so make your wish.”

“Anything?” Hax asked, barely above a petrified whisper.

“But of course, my silly little fleshling. Because you brought the sustenance I needed, I am oblidged to thank you. So, what is it you want in all the world’s value? Wealth? Pleasure? Perhaps an end to this little game of war you seem to be in? Simply say the word, and all of those men in that trench will cease to be.  Or would you like to see some old faces again? After all, you mother misses you so terribly much. Or did anyway, until that airstrike brought the shelter down on them. How many people were in there…two thousand and some?”

Every thought brought a punch to his gut, bending Hax at the knees until his fists were also buried in the dirt.


“Moi? Why, I am everything that is right and wrong in the world. Everything that is up and down, inside and out. I am in your mind, and theirs as well. But if you would like a name, Discord will suffice.”
It wrapped its tail around him picking him up into a cradling embrace “So, what is it you wish for?”


An entry inspired by this week’s Free Write Friday by Kellie Elmore, though one I probably won’t submit. It’s been a while since I wrote a monster, but tonight brought on the touch of viciousness, so it fit.

I hope you all enjoy.