Free Write Friday(ish) – Memento

If there was one thing I was always thankful for, it was the woods behind my house. How many days did I spend wandering them, how many nights did I spend in their care. They were my fortress away from the howls and broken walls of home, my nebula to wrap myself in and disappear.  The years may have come and gone, but the trees never walked away, and the seasons always brought new life and expansion with them.

But they weren’t mine anymore. Tomorrow I’m leaving here, running away into the world. I wonder how far I will get before they notice I’m not there. Or would they even care, now that there was one less mouth at the table…

I don’t know if you understand, or if you’ll hate me for leaving you behind, which is why I’m leaving this with you. Something you gave to me a long time ago, the first time they broke my arm. I remember you had to sneak in at the dead of night, else they would hear you. But you risked it anyway, to let me know you cared. I remember how you curled up with me and kissed me goodnight, even if I could barely stir. And when I work up the next morning, I found your treasure in my hand. That little necklace you had when you first came home with us.

I never would have thought the next time I would see you, it would be like this. Alone at last, in our woods.  Somewhere you can call home, somewhere I can’t stay anymore. I’m just too scared, too weak. So, you deserve this back, so you can always keep it close. I just hope the box is strong enough.
Goodbye, sweet Clementine.


Another renditon of this week’s Free Write Friday from Kellie Elmore. And another one I’m not likely to submit. I really don’t understand fully how such a simple prompt brings this out in me, but it does. And no, I have no experience to match or come close to this, so I’m probably writing out of my rear. I just hope not to offend or make light of anyone’s plight.

I hope you all enjoy

One thought on “Free Write Friday(ish) – Memento

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    For some reason, I imagine Clementine as a beloved pet of some sort. I know that’s not the case, but the idea of her curling up with the narrator and kissing him/her goodnight, and living in the woods behind the house brings that out, for me.

    The narrator has this feeling of moving on, but not quite running away, even though those are the words you use. Rather like shipping off, trying to find his way in the world. Maybe because he has to do, though, and not necessarily because that’s what he wants.

    The piece is conflicting, and there’s a lot left to mystery. I like it, though. It’s sad but not depressing, if that makes sense.

    Thanks for posting!

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