Five Sentence Fiction – 1 of 2: History

We are that which you choose to see, but remain immortal behind your eyes. Every time you see her, you will see us, the stain and betrayal and lust lapping at her cheeks. And every time she looks at you, she will see this face aflame and bleeding with anger and lies.

You cannot stop this, you will never be rid of us. Try as you wish, we will never be forgotten.


Entry #1 for last week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. The challenge was: “Forgotten”, and like it or not, we all have something hidden behind our smiles that we want to forget. So how many others can see it?

I hope you all enjoy.

One thought on “Five Sentence Fiction – 1 of 2: History

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    Great relationship piece! It says so much about how people approach each other.

    I think we’ve all got our secrets of emotion, whether they’re hurtful, brutal, or shaming. The strength of love and friendship, though, is to be able to see through those. You might not ever forget (you may not want to forget), but moving past that toward a greater understanding represents true acceptance of one another.

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