Five Sentence Fiction – Part 2 of 2: The Forgotten

The praises of the men behind the trigger have been sung a thousand fold, but no one thanks the hammer that forged them.

Everyone has cheered for the justice that swings a shining sword, but are still for the broken back that shaped it.

The reputation of brilliance was built on deduction and calculation, yet the clues are burned away once used.

Stars and lives have been charted from start to end, but who was the first to look up and dream?

Who thanks the hands behind the hands?


And entry #2 for last week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. Same theme as part 1, but this one actually came first. Because sometimes, good deeds or intentions just goes unseen or unappreciated.

I hope you all enjoy, and take a little time to pat yourselves on the back just for being awesome at whatever it is you do or like.

One thought on “Five Sentence Fiction – Part 2 of 2: The Forgotten

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    Nice job recognizing the helping hands. 🙂 Strangely, the essence of this reminds me of Don Quixote. Where would he be without his Sancho Panza, after all?

    I’m a big fan of supporting characters, myself. Heroes are wonderful to imagine, but heroes rarely reach their goal without the help of others. (I always liked the way characters like Wedge Antilles or Max Sterling were aces at what they did…and just so happened not to be the main hero.)

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