100 Word Challenge – Week 75.2: Bridge

They had pushed her, cornered her and now surrounded her at the edge of the world. No matter where she turned it seemed, the dregs and wretches had enclosed her now, memories clawing at her vision and pained howls sapping her will.

And then she stepped back onto a bridge, one that wasn’t there before. It was simple, but the wood and rope did not sway in the turbulence. Across it was its founder, hand outstretched and freedom waiting.  Try as they might, the vileness would not touch it. No more could they stalk her.

Across the chasm beckoned forgiveness.


And entry #2 in this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. How else to describe this one save for a point we have all been at during our lives at one point. I can only hope you found your bridge too.

I hope you all enjoy.

5 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Week 75.2: Bridge

  1. deanabo says:

    This is really good suspenseful writing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. sandraconner says:

    Very nice work. And so true of our Lord Jesus in real life.

  3. Mayumi-H says:

    I’m not sure which one of these I prefer. I like the straightforward tone of the other one, but I really like the sense of deep personal longing in this one. I also like the way the bridge is both physical and metaphorical. Those hands stretching across distance – who hasn’t felt (or, wanted to feel) that?

    Touching work, as always.

  4. This is a very creative use of the prompt! A nicely told suspenseful story with all sorts of symbolic overtones. I especially like “she stepped back onto a bridge, one that wasn’t there before.”

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