100 Word Challenge – Week 71: Start With A Bang

The cold rattled his bones as midnight struck, which he dosed in the warm whiskey fire.  Another year off the calendar, one step closer towards pensions and peace. The streamers and confetti rained down, but dared not touch him, lest it melt.

“One more for the road?” came the bartender.

He wanted to say yes, despite the fog creeping into his brainpan. But his waist answered for him “Attention all units, 10-13, officer down at First Gotham Bank, all available units to respond. Suspect is reported as the Joker. Exercise extreme caution.”

And the bar fell silent as he rushed out the door.


My entry for this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. And we all know how wild and crazy some party animals get.

I hope you all enjoy!