100 Word Challenge – Week 79: Once Upon A Time…


“Don’t touch that!” a voice said out of nowhere as he picked up the shiny object from the grass. The outburst startled  him, “Why not?”

“Because that key is dangerous, especially in the hands of a human! Just set it down, and walk away.”

And being human, such a warning made him curious. However, the real attention grabber was the writing on the key. “’Once Upon A Time…’?”
The voice yelled back something, but he did not hear it. Grabbing the key had revealed the keyhole underneath it, which he slowly unlocked.

Suddenly, the ground fell away under him.


My entry for this week’s 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. And one of the hardest ones I’ve done yet, since this is only the select 100 from 1000+ that this had unfolded into. Might just have to post the rest…

I hope you all enjoy!

Five Sentence Fiction – Stargazer

Though beaten and bruised, she never lost her shine in his eyes. Hers was the name that came forth in his dreams and nightmares alike. He would never forget how she felt under his touch, or the way she would move for him and him alone. How she had shaped him into the man he was today, proud but humble and thankful of everything she had taught him. And though they years had taken their toll, the honored name of Stargazer stood out above all.


Another entry for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin, but one that takes a bit of sci-fi knowledge to see. I wonder how many will know whom the two characters are here…

Either way, I hope you all enjoy!

Five Sentence Fiction – Abandoned

Groaning floorboards and creaking walls greeted them as the pair entered the house. Through spiderwebs and rotting construct, he could still trace where outline of the curtains and resting places of so many framed memories. Had it really been so long since someone stood in this room?

“Do you recognize this place?”

The answer came after a few moments, having to burn through the fog in his mind, “Yea, I remember it…kinda hard to forget the room you died in, ya know?”


My entry for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. The theme was “Abandoned”, and sometimes that goes deeper than even life can understand.

I hope you all enjoy.

Free Write Friday – NachtViper


It had been almost poetic, to hold death in his palm. No bigger than a soup can, the canister he carried looked up at him, a creation made of equal parts desperation and insanity, and almost seemed to smile. Now he carried hundereds of them under his wings. The pre-flight briefing had made such a thing out as a savior of their country, a valiant sword to turn the tides of war to their favor once again. A swift strike that would turn the waters of the Himmelsilber River, once great waterway of Belka, into a toxic pool that would choke the enemy forces and keep them from crossing it.


Vayshk could not believe his once righteous homeland had fallen so far. Belka was… no, is, an honorable nation. Its citizens still carried the pride of their colors, and her guardians fought for every inch lost to the invading allied forces.

Would they be so proud now, to see themselves reduced to such barbarism?

“NachtViper, this is Ofnir One, contact at three-three-zero. Stick to the earth, and we’ll flush it out.” Instantly, six pairs of afterburners burned into the morning sky as their Su-35 Flanker escorts moved away.

“Copy that. Good hunting,” his co-pilot replied, while he brought the MiG-1.44 Flatpack bomber down to just above the treeline. “Any closer Major, and we’ll have to clean pine needles off the windshield.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time, Illysha.” Dour as he was, the man at his right could still make him grin at least. Ever since the Captain had come under his wing, Vayshk had been his mentor and teacher about the sky, and Illysha was an excellent student. And like him, the junior man was bursting with pride for his family and his country.


A pride that poisoned him with one thought, “Think of it sir, that after all this time getting pushed and beaten back by the Allies, now we strike back for once. Tell me you’re not excited.”

The Major frowned through his mask “’Excited’ is not the word, I would use, my friend.”

“No? But think of it. In one run, we’ll finally be able to slow down those bastards from invading our lands and destroying our homes.”

“I think that Ustio said the same thing about us when this war first started.”

“And how did our former countrymen repay us? They summon the Demon Lord to burn us out of our own skies. Not even that devil will be able to swallow those waters once we are done today.” Illysha countered, ignoring the fact that Belka had invaded its southern neighbor, a country that had seceded from their homeland and quickly prospered on its own.

“So what’s to stop them from countering us with their own weapons? You thought that Galm Team was bad enough, now imagine that monster carrying a bomb like this.”

“You think they would be so reckless as to escalate things?” the younger man asked.

Vayshk was silent at that, as he could not answer. He wanted to believe Illysha, that this strike would be the only one of its kind. He wanted to believe that the blood they were about to pour over their hands would rebuild the homes they had lost. But deep down in his heart, he knew that even by taking part in this mission that Belka had already lost, and was now focusing on making the Allied Force pay for every inch of his country that they were going to take.

“Ofnit to NachtViper! Enemy identified as the Galm Team! Maintain your heading and complete your mission. We’ll hold them off until you return. Good hun…” the radio burst into static as a tiny spark flared in the darkness, another pair of broken wings in the teeth of a Demon. Then another, then another. In a matter of seconds, they had no cover or protection from their hunters.


Vayshk felt his stomach grow cold and solid. They could not outrun their opponent, nor could they stand and fight them as their bomber was no match for an Eagle under such skillful hands. But it was not far to friendly lines, within walking distance…

“Illysha, I need you to do something for me.”


The pilot nodded to his junior, his partner, his friend. “I need to you to raise your children proud. And tell them that their country did not resort to a coward’s ways of fighting.” With that, under the surprised eyes of his co-pilot, Vashyk yanked Illysha’s ejection handle. The chair rocketed out of the cockpit and into the birthing sun.
Once he was clear, the Major pushed the jet into full afterburner, though the sounds of pursuing missiles soon began to haunt him. Yet he was not filled with fear as death screamed down upon him. Instead, the Major began to pray for his children, for his family, and for his country to see that this was not the way they would survive this war. That with his failure here, his leaders would not risk further carnage and thoughtless sacrifice on their own soil. The names and lines on the map might change, but Belka would never fade from memory.




An entry for a Free Write Friday challenge all the way back from the beginning of February. And a prequel for an older bit I did called “For Honor and Glory”.

I hope you all enjoy!

Five Sentence Fiction – Purple

It wraps around her as the night embraces the world. A flowing nebula of violet that begs to be explored by the currents of music and swirls of motion to come. Such would be her color after all, the perfect balance of calming, beautiful blue and fiery, passionate red. Were this a dream, I would plead to remain in eternal slumber, but the sensation of her in my arms now is too sublime for imagination to fully replicate.

And for the longest time, I never thought purple was important.


My entry for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. The theme: purple. The reaction: intoxicating.

I hope you all enjoy!

Five Sentence Fiction – Indelicate

There is nothing like young love.

How it makes the heart beat faster than any drum, or burn hotter than any sun. It will push someone to transform themselves, or simply be themselves in the wake of acceptance. And on those coldest and darkest of nights, that simple feeling might be all one needs to survive.

Yes, there is no better thing to tear apart and grind under my fangs than young love.


An entry for last week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin that I unfortunately could not get to in time. The theme was “Delicate”, and last week was anything but.

Still, I hope you all enjoy