Five Sentence Fiction – Reflection

It was like looking down into the darkness of the world at the bottom of a glass. Every enraged howl he’d ever emitted, every tear wasted on opportunities that never existed, all of them now stared back up at him to bare their teeth in a smile.

It was then that he realized that he was staring back at himself; staring back at his own hate, at his own empty words and feelings, all the love that never was or never grew. And it was time to drown it. “Bartender, two more shots of whatever this was…”


Entry #2 for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. And what happens when “empty” becomes a bad thing, but a good thing, but still a bad thing.

I hope you all enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Reflection

  1. deanabo says:

    This is really good!

  2. How tragic and sad. Life is so precious and filled with such promise. Beautifully written and heartbreaking.

  3. You wonder just how many stare into that glass wondering what’s left in life…

  4. Mayumi-H says:

    Sombre, but with a lot of truth to it. I really like the first line of the second paragraph (staring with, “It was then he realized…”). Shame the narrator can’t quite pull himself out of that morass. Yet(?). I like your summation of this one, too.

    One little correction: it’s “bare” teeth. Unfortunately, that’s not the sort of thing a spellchecker would catch. (I make this mistake with “rein” and “reign” all the time. I know when both should be used, but my fingers are occasionally quicker than my brain. 😉 )

    I get a Solid Snake or Cypher vibe from this one. The mood is distinctly darker than your Rogue stories, though I could be wrong. It also fits in well with anyone faced with too much strife.


    • Thanks for catching that. Hooray proper English skills. 🙂
      I didn’t have an exact narrator in mind for this one, though you are quite right, a lot of heroes have a night like this. Some don’t fall quite so far, but not everyone is so fortunate.
      Thanks for reading!

  5. Such a sad character, unfortunately there are people who feel like this , an empty existance.

  6. Dark and brooding, heavy thoughts. I like the intensity of emotion!

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