Free Write Friday – Serendipity

The sun was sliding into the auburn sky as he made his way to the riverbank. After the long trials of the day stocking shelves, balancing the gripes and irritations of customers and staff alike and the all around life of a store clerk, he needed somewhere to be alone with his thoughts, which in itself was a sad reminder of what had changed in just a few days. Were this a week ago, he would have called upon his friend, his partner, his better half; Souji Seta. But like the sweeping change of seasons, the leader of their merry band had come, saved his life, the lives of his friends and the world, and then departed with the promise to return.

Still, Youske sighed as the star continued to descend. For now, he had himself to chat with, and that was fine for now. Laying back into the grass, he let serenity overwhelm him for a spell, worrying not about the day or tomorrow. The music chattering from his collar played well with the random waves splashing across the Samegawa, but that melody was soon joined by the rhythmic patter of agile feet across pavement and the hard-pumping breath of a runner.

An athlete that was suddenly upon him, hazel eyes smiling down “Hey, sleepyhead. Long day?”
“Hey, Chie. Yea, dad had me working the floor all day. Wouldn’t be so bad if the old man would pay me overtime, but…”
“But then you wouldn’t ‘learn how to appreciate coming up the ladder’, or whatever. Sounds pretty rough” she smiled a bit for pity if anything else as she sat down in the grass next to him.
“Yea, but what’s a guy to do? At this rate, I’ll have my motorcycle before the summer rush.”
Like you need something even faster than your bike” Chie teased with a shoulder bump. To which Youske nudged her right back “Sure, you say that now. But you’ll sing a different tune once you take a ride on it.”
She scoffed playfully at the idea “Like I would ever get on the back of one of those with you.”
“What, you didn’t think I was gonna let you drive it, did ya? I’ve seen you on a scooter, so no chance!” he countered.
Her only reply was to stick out her tongue, which he answered before both of them realized how utterly how ridiculous they looked and laughing to each other.  Sure, Chie was sheen with the sweat of another long workout, and sometimes a bit on the antagonistic side. But when she laid her auburn locks on his shoulder, Youske could only smile like a fool and rest his chin on top of her, which made her sigh contently. Especially when she asked “So, where would you take me first?”


Me entry for this week’s Free Write Friday from Kellie Elmore. The prompt; “serendipity”. This might just become the seeds of a larger story later, but by contest rules, it paused here for I need to decide where to go next.

Still, I hope you all enjoy

12 thoughts on “Free Write Friday – Serendipity

  1. Oh yes this definitely needs to have more written. What a great start for a story and your imagery is fantastic! Thank you for writing for FWF!

  2. I agree with Kellie, leaves me wanting more.

  3. Mayumi-H says:

    I love that I got this in that first line. 😀

    Great portrayal of friends-becoming-more. I especially like the hint to the lost friendship, and how that’s affected him. Yousuke is a great conflicted character. The conflicts are relatively minor, but they’re very human. Love how Chie is a balance for him, too. Well done!

    • I’m actually surprised by that. I knew you would get it by 3rd or 4th, but wow nonetheless. Then again, this is the pairing that you know quite well. And I’m relieved that you enjoy my approach to them. 🙂

      • Mayumi-H says:

        Well, okay, actually, it was the second line, with the bit about stocking shelves. 🙂

        I’m guessing this was not the Samegawa love scene you were talking about, before. I’m hoping that’s a Souji/Yukiko moment, though I’m interested in any Persona stuff, regardless. 🙂

      • While I do intend to revisit those two lovebirds one day, I also want to do at least one short story with the other leading P4 ladies as well. The Samegawa one I am working on now is Souji/Chie, and it’s a bit…rougher than most. And I will admit that I am drawing no small amount of ideas from “1MC!”.

      • Mayumi-H says:

        Souji/Chie, eh? That will be interesting…especially since it will teach me to put my own biases on the back burner and read for the subject, not for myself! 😉

  4. seanbidd says:

    The meandering moments we find sometimes, where a story finds its life, your words above, made it happen here while reading… A top story!

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