Five Sentence Fiction: Charmed


It looked up at her with that perpetual smile, ruby eyes shining in the fires of the night, “It’s not too late, you know.”
Though she heard it speak to her, all she could sense was the heat before her, the sting of the embers on her skin, the ash choking her breath.  And if she focused hard enough, the familiar screams of the those consumed by the inferno “How…what can I do?…”
“You can save them all, you have that power,” it replied with a nuzzle against a smoky arm. “All you have to do is make a contract with me and you can make sure this never happens.”


My entry for this week’s Five sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. The prompt was “Charmed”, which has a lot different interpretations I think. Such as being charmed with potential, or with power.


I hope you all enjoy!


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