Free Write Friday: The Open Road


plymouth_superbird-pic-43208There are some things a big city could never capture, no matter how hard they try. Fresh air, empty spaces and long stretches to run free were all lost in the jungles of concrete and gossip. It was something he’d heard his father talk about many times with all his travels from one ocean across the other and back again, but he’d never understood it until it came to be his time to take up the family tradition of never being home for more than three weeks at a time.

He was more than hesitant at first, as such journeys are not easy with a new wife and soon to be family on the way, but the gods of schedules had been merciful and their stars had aligned to let her sit in the passenger seat next to him, eight cylinders of classic Detroit power humming across the hills. Maybe that was the real sweetness in the sensation, to be master of their paths with such a wide expanse before them. No buildings to cage them in, no stoplights or crosswalks that would impede them every ten feet, just her hand upon his lap while her free fingers played among the breeze and a smile that made her crimson blouse shine even brighter than the cherry red of their Superbird.

“I don’t think Youske will ever let us hear the end of this”, Souji said with a grin, wondering aloud if his best friend was shaking his fist in jealousy half a world away.
Yukiko chuckled “His own fault for suggesting we pick one of these. If Chie wasn’t working so much, he’d probably have come with.”
“Sure, but there’s no backseat for him to sit in.”
“We could have gotten a minivan” she suggested, knowing full well the auspicious look her husband would give her.  Yukiko couldn’t help but chuckle at that.
“There are enough vans back home. I don’t think either of us want to spend any more time in one of those. That and Youske would have never piped down about trying this whole “American motoring” experience.  It’s no wonder Chie won’t let him get his motorcycle yet.”
“Well, their honeymoon is more important.”  And Souji couldn’t argue that.  “If only they could find out where to go…”

Which is when the idea struck him. They had food packed in the trunk for such a trip, and all the amenities they needed to stay at any commercial lodgings. All they needed was location. Like the oceanfront they were parallel to not but a few miles away. Souji steered the ‘Bird onto the nearest exit with ease and let his foot grow heavy on the pedal. This made Yukiko perk up in curiosity, especially as he took her hand in his for a quick kiss. But it was the crystal cerulean waters soon before them that really stole her breath.

“Who says the honeymoon ever ends?” Souji proposed.


My entry for this week’s Free Write Friday from Kellie Elmore. Now, as an American, I know that there are a lot of exotic (and EXPENSIVE) destinations to take a honeymoon; the Caribbean, Tahiti, Western Europe, Madagascar, and so on. Basically, any place that you aren’t already. So then, where do they go to vacation away from it all? This is just an idea of Eastern tastes meeting Western temptations, as well as being oh so shamelessly indulgent.

I hope you all enjoy

8 thoughts on “Free Write Friday: The Open Road

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    I truly enjoyed the tiny details scattered throughout this one. They bring to light a very natural romance between these two that is simply lovely. Even without the dialogue, their relationship reads as young, genuine, and hopeful – perhaps moved beyond the state of newly-wedded bliss, but the love is still there. The opening’s a bit sad – I’d hate to think of starting a family with one parent far away for long stretches of time – but these moments hopefully make up for that.

    Nicely done! 😀

    • Thanks, Mayumi!
      Writing relationships, especially like this where it’s just one of the quiet moments, has never been the easiest for me. So I’m glad I was able to capture the intent I had in mind for this one. And though this may not be exactly in character for our P4 players, they were the first couple I could think of that really fit the mold.

      Always wonderful to hear your thoughts!

  2. I enjoyed it very much! A wonderful story! Well done!

  3. Shuv says:

    it’s a wonder-filled piece. Nicely written!

  4. Every line has a meaning. A purpose and inspires. I love that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. A wonderful read for fwf. I am very pleased. ♥

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