Five Sentence Fiction: Blades

For every situation, a sword to match; for every conundrum a katana and for every barrier a broadsword. That’s the way it used to be, and I never questioned it. Every swing was intimate, every push requiring all the effort a man could put behind it, all of which meant someone understood what it meant to draw a blade.

But now, they rust in misery on the shelf, frowning upon the hands that once held them with honor and respect. All because some damn fool invented the gun…


And this week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. This week’s theme is ‘Blades’, an ancient and some say civilized way to deal death, however grim a business that is.

I hope you all enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Blades

  1. Maggie Grace says:

    Either sounds scary to me although I like to watch fencing. Samurai’s sounds even worse than gun battle 😦 Nice write!

  2. K. R. Smith says:

    The point of view of the blade itself – interesting perspective!

  3. Some fool indeed! Yes, taking anothers life should be more intimate. Maybe then we’d give it more thought. Excellent!

  4. I’m going to bookmark this page because you’ve given me an idea and I’m probably going to come back and read this again in the morning. Brilliant work and a fantastic theme. I have a little bit of an obsession with various forms of older weaponry, the same interest has never really bled into guns unless you count a love for the engravings on the sides of classic shot-guns.

  5. McGuffy Ann says:

    It is interesting to compare one to the other in this way, especially considering the similar outcome!

  6. Sarah Ann says:

    Love the way you tackled this prompt – very clever.

  7. Very nicely done…poor swords…

  8. Mayumi-H says:

    This one’s awesome. 😀 I love the perspective in that first paragraph, but, even more, that closing line.

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