Free Write Friday: Crescendo

The warmth of the unclouded sun kissed him as he finally reached the valley’s edge. Every step he took into her inviting arms seemed to numb the pain of his once pristine armor now digging into his collar. Long gone behind his steps were the mangled remains of man, machine, fang and freak alike.  His blade, so slick in a spectrum of blood, fell into the billowing fields of green as if it forgave him. His shield, once proud defender of the lineage and his house, crumbled into shards in the cleansing breeze.

But none of that mattered now. For all those who lay behind him, even those who fell to his might, they were all equal now. Each of them has searched their soul and stood their ground for what they believed in. For that, he would honor them as brothers. To those who fought at his side and died proud, he would sing for them as the golden rays stole his breath ever surely.

Reaching the center of the greenery, his crimson-slicked bootsteps came to a halt as what little strength finally left his legs. He didn’t mind. No longer was their fighting, no more would the clouds of ravage and blood hang over him and his future. Was there no nobler a cause to live for?

“We did it, didn’t we?” he said to the sky, barely able to steady himself on his knees. The pure embrace of the wind chilled his wounds and jolted his exhausted nerves, finally pushing him onto his back. Though the darkness began to creep into his vision, all he could see is the sun, and she smiled down to him to welcome him back into her loving care.

And with closed eyes, he smiled at long last. He was with her again. He was where he belonged. He was home.


My entry for this week’s Free Write Friday from Kellie Elmore. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than coming home.

I hope you all enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Free Write Friday: Crescendo

  1. This has a beautiful, medieval feel to it. Love!

  2. xxkultuur says:

    Enchanting. It reads like a lot of the Celtic literature I’ve read.

  3. Simply Ellen says:

    Beautiful, stories of war, glory, honor and love. Just like the fairy tales I’ve read when I was young.

  4. Mayumi-H says:

    Awesome. I love your imagery, building upon the left-behind battlefield but never slowing down. Your warrior is of the honorable sort, too, friend and foe alike equal under his sword.

    While war can be devastating to any involved, this is a glorious moment for the fighter. Well done!

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