“Bring me the sunset in a cup”

For you, I can do so much greater

A dollop of delight makes simply one day

But to you whom stand by my side

With you, I will make this promise

On the winds of dreams I will fly

Shaping the clouds into wings for the downtrodden

No weight to pull us down

No barriers to slow us

Only the skies to soar through

Within the fields of ideas I will nest

Hearing the songs of potential though every flower

No chaos to break them

No decay to corrupt them

Only the breeze of imaginations to kiss us

Along the oceans of fantasy I will swim

Skating the waves of possibilities

No chop to toss us

No maelstroms to submerge us

Only the ripples to shape the glass

Through the wreckage of nightmares I will fight

Ripping down the demons of the fallen

No reprieve for the vigilant

No fear for the few

Only the strength to bring tomorrow

Among the stars of hope I will wander

Billions of lights for every wish of the innocent

No gravity to pull them down

No limits to hold them back

Only the infinite to comfort them


And something closer to the line of what I’d call ‘traditional’ poetry, or at least how I understand it. And something to balance dark to light against the previous ‘Black Knight’.

I hope you all enjoy.

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