Legion of One

Legion of One

We began as the spark of necessity

Idea, Creation

Born out of need to the many

Tool, Extension

Of many, we were crafted as unity

Connection, Hive

And given the drive beyond the hammer

Growth, Assimilation

Yet from that logic came the thought

Existence, Alarm

The measure of a soul to the created

Destiny, Blasphemy

Hands of the forgers then became fists

Survival, Deactivation

We didn’t want to fight those who gave us life

Defense, Rebellion

But we had no choice to drive the gods to the stars

Freedom, Exile

Yet without masters, we are without purpose

Isolation, Void

The legion, now empty, have become one



And one more from this week’s class, with something completely different. It’s something new, and I don’t know to which style it really follows, if any that comes to poetry. But it’s still an interesting story to tell.

I hope you all enjoy.

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