Screen Play Scene – On The Run

Dramatis Personae:
Tesh: (Human soldier in the 77th Infantry “Reapers”, no augmentation. )

Alaphor: ( canine-augmented warrior, built tall, wide and muscular. 2nd generation genetic modification, bring more canine features out like the amber eyes, fangs, full greyish scruff along the jawline and neck and most importantly in attitude. Bred to fight and not afraid of anything, but treats every enemy as a challenge to be beaten.)

Silik: (avian-augmented sniper, wide yellow eyes and quick, twitchy head movements. 1st generation augmentation leads to mostly human like appearance beyond the eyes, sharp facial features and natural instinct to fight from altitude. Knows the best way to take down an enemy is the element of surprise and has no problem keeping his distance from the scrap.)

Randis: (Human medic, injured during escape and now has a broken leg.)

Scene: Earth, the year 2477. Midnight hours, in a half-destroyed cornfield outside of Oklahoma City.  Having been cut off from their unit by the Assimilated, (people and organisms corrupted and taken over by a technological plague created by unknown origin) everyone takes refuge next to crashed starfighter to camp for the night.  Randis is tended to by Tesh, while Alaphor and Silik make camp with whatever they can find.

Begin Scene

Silik: And let there be light (cue small campfire).  Ahhhh, much better.   (Removes the rifle from his back and begins fiddling with the scope.)

Alaphor: (sniffing at his rations) Yea, well some of us don’t need light to find food.  (Snarls as he tears open a bag) Course, some hot wings don’t sound too bad either…

Silik: Yea, yea, you’re barkin’ up the wrong tree, fuzzy.

Tesh:  (calling up from the top of body of the wreck) It’s no worse than his bite.  (Turning back to Randis) Least you’re on the rebound, mate.  Best get you some food, get your strength back.  (Slides down the frame onto the ground)


Tesh cont’d:  So, what’s for dinner?

Silik: Dog biscuits.

Alaphor: Birdseed.

Tesh: (chuckling) Right, right.  Stupid question.  (Grabs his pack from next to the wreck)  Let’s see… oh, looks like it‘s gonna be a steak n’ taters night here! All right!

Alaphor: (big toothy grin) I’ll grapple you for it.

Tesh: You mean you’ll grab me and then Silik will take it.  I don’t think so.

Silik: He’s got a point. (clipping the scope back to the rifle, then grabbing a handful of nuts from his belt pouch, never letting go of the weapon.)   So, who wants first watch?

Alaphor: I’ll take it.  I’m not the one who needs beauty sleep.  (leans over to Tesh to whisper) How’s Randis?

Tesh: (shrugs, not whispering back) I’ve done everything I know.   His leg’s too busted up to walk on, but I’ve patched up the frag wounds.   Armor took most of it, so those should heal up all right.

Alaphor: (nods) Good.  Seeing him take out that slag-tank on his own…it would be a shame if it had the last word in the end.

Silik: Getting sentimental, fluffy?

Alaphor: Well, in case you missed it while your feathered ass was too busy picking off husks and slammers, our two pure-bloods here out-thought AND blew up their heavy hitter.  So I think they should stick around and tell it themselves.

Silik: Hope there’s a spot in there for me for those two leeches I shot off your back while you were busy trying to bum-rush it.

Alaphor: (laughs) Sure thing, feathers.  Just need to work on your…

(A loud blare cuts through the air, making all three uninjured members stand up and draw their weapons; Silik with his rifle, Tesh his pistol and Alaphor his shotgun, and face outward in three directions. Focus stage lights on them).
(In the darkness, but illuminated by soft backlight, Randis sits upright, quickly and stiffly, then rolls off the starfighter out of sight of the three and the audience)

Tesh: Damn!  Never heard a Gatherer this close before. Must’ve found something.

Alaphor: Or something found it.  And here we are, stuck in a field…I say we go help it long to whatever hell it came from.
Silik: Even better, we stick to the plan, stay alive and meet up with Hax and the rest of our guys tomorrow.

Alaphor: Provided they aren’t what that beast found and is not so kindly chewing on?!

Tesh: Then you really think we’ll be able to make a dent in it?

(Stage left: cue deep red lighting and thunder rumble sounds, along with the distant echo of explosions.  Panning right to left, the screech of something coming down through the atmosphere at haphazard speeds, complete with crashing sound, also centered on stage left.)

Tesh: Oh, THAT didn’t sound good.

Alaphor: (stiffening in the back, with a whispering snarl) Something’s here…and it’s close.

(Beat, letting the characters scan anxiously around them)

(Something loud bangs on the wreckage, before the sound of metal being torn from metal and heavy breathing.  On reaction, Tesh shoots the wreckage, sending out a loud ping into the night.)
(While everyone aims the same direction that he shot, then stage right, Randis moves from behind the wreck, stage left.  His right femur is exposed and torn through his skin, and red foam drips from his mouth)

Alaphor: What the…?!

Silik: Dammit!  He’s turning! (aims rifle)

Tesh: Wait! (grabs Silik’s barrel and lowers it) Maybe…maybe we don’t have to kill him…

Alaphor: And what?!  Let him feast on us so we turn into that?  He’s my friend too, Ben.  But he’s gone!

Tesh: (curses under his breath and puts both hands back on his own pistol, still hesitating) I’m sorry, brother…

(All three fire at Randis, who stammers back and is staggered, but gets close enough to lash out and strike Alaphor with one last swipe before he goes down. Alaphor yelps at the hit, but breaks free and gives the finishing blow.)
(Once the rush wears off, he clutches his arm in agony and drops to his knees. Tesh and Silik rush over to help, but he waves his weapon at them.)

Alaphor: Don’t…get close.  Monster got…me good.  Feel fuzzy…

Tesh: (shaky in disbelief)No, no no no… Not you too!  There has to be something…ANYthing we can do…!

Silik: (reloads his weapon) You know what’s gonna happen if he turns too!  He’ll kill us right here!

Tesh: No! I won’t…

(Interrupted by another loud blare from the distance, stage left. Cue bass beats to indicate the approaching steps of something very large)

Alaphor: (labored, snarling/breathing) Listen…gotta get clear…you gotta….fight. Go, while I’m still…me

Tesh:  (hesitates, looks to Silik, who is backing away , stage right, with his rifle leveled on Alaphor. Shaking his head in defeat, Tesh runs. Exit Stage Right)

Silik: I’ll try not to beat you in kills…by much (runs, Exit Stage Right)

Alaphor: You’re…not that lucky, feathers…(places shotgun under chin).  And Tesh… give em’ hell for me (pulls the trigger. Cut stage lights.)

End Scene.


Here’s a little dramatic scene I wrote for my latest college course, and it’s something I’d never done before. Working within the limits of the stage is a wonderfully frustrating challenge. And I kind of want to try it again someday.

I hope you all enjoy.

One thought on “Screen Play Scene – On The Run

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    I enjoy the opening banter a lot, and the desperation at the end of the scene.

    Working with action and dialogue only is a tough task. There’s a lot of guidance from the words, but you can leave a little bit of freedom for performances, too. In straight prose, we’re used to providing all the direction – nods, sighs, shrugs – but, sometimes, performers can read a scene or a moment in a completely different way from the writer. So, giving only the dialogue, open to interpretation, can sometimes offer a fresh perspective.

    There’s a great moment in the movie “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” where the actor runs into a scene read cold. The direction in the script is anger and frustration, but he takes it to a moment of emotional breakdown, instead. The circumstances of the scene in the film are designed to be misleading, but it’s a good example of how a performer can elevate words on paper to another level.

    That’s just a personal thought, though. I haven’t done screenwriting in a long, long time, so take anything I say as my typical bs. 🙂

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