The Armor-Piercing Question

“Why are you here?”

It was a question he had not expected to hear, especially from what he could only describe as a spectre, so it took a moment to register. Still, the answer was simple enough, ”Because it’s home. Don’t most people go home, or see their lives flash before their eyes, when they die? Or did I miss the light at the end of the tunnel?”

It gave him a puzzled look as it hopped down from its windowsill perch and went across the room to the mantle where he leaned. Not so much with a walk, more like a glide across invisible waves. “It depends on many things. How and when they cease to be seems to effect what is here.”

That part made at least made some form of sense to him, as much as it could to the deceased. But that did not answer the question, “So, why are you so confused? I’m the dead guy here…”

It leaned against the mantle match him at eye level. “You speak of your family, those you claim to love. This is expected. But, they are not here with you. Here, you are alone. Why are you here? Why are you empty?”

That was the question that took him back. Maybe he hadn’t noticed it until now. Maybe he did and was trying to ignore it. Still, it was right. Here, in his life, in his death, he was alone.

He thought of them, all of his once and mortal happiness, all of his lifetime of love. He could rebuild the house they stood in nail by nail. He could see their faces, smiles beaming with gaps caused by missing teeth for his youngest or that more cocky grin that came from being an older brother. He could feel her touch along his arm, the softness of wife, the warmth of a mother.

Yet nothing appeared before him, nothing to fill the void within the walls where they stood. Only it remained, fixed to him with curiosity. Or was it impatience? How would he even tell?


So, it’s been a while since I’ve revisited this on-going scene. But it’s one that continues to grow as our dearly departed comes to know what exactly it means to be shuffled off from their mortal coil.

I hope you all enjoy

100 Word Scrap – The Horsemen

They came in the night, steel shoes sparking on stone and soil. Their braying hymn stilled the air and froze the souls who dared walk under the lamp’s glow. Panic was scared into the darkness and horror had no courage to send them running. So they had come again, the white horses were galloping in. And on them, the four riders of sin and chaos incarnate from the souls of mortals.
Love, ever crimson and bearing the Scythe.
Joy, affixed with the smile and the Morningstar.
Bliss, formed from the Daggers wielded by the heart.
And at their helm, Death with its Rose eternally blooming.


So, this was a fun little jaunt that came up a few days ago while I was thinking about a 100 Word Challenge a little bit ago while at work with nothing to stare at but fools and jesters. It was delayed fun, but fun nonetheless.

I hope you all enjoy

Five Sentence Fiction – Anchor

The un-oiled hinges of the battered screen door creaked one last time as he stood at in the entrance he had known for so long. On his shoulder, the bag stuffed with the last bits and pieces of his life shifted as he sighed. For all the weight upon him, it was paled by the gravity within. He traced his fingers along the pitted wood and weathered nails that had been a home once, and would always be to him even if emptied. Still, it was time for the words he had never been able to say aloud, only ponder as they touched one last time “Goodbye mom…I love you.”


Guess who’s back. At least for a little bit anyway before I move around the world once again in the name of duty. I like to think I’ve learned a lot in this time of absence, mainly just how much my plate can hold before it shatters. So now it’s time to get back to me, to remember why I do what I do. And it all starts here.

I hope you all enjoy!

And as a side note, I promise my mom is alive and quite well 🙂 This was simply what came into shape with this week’s prompt.