100 Word Scrap – The Horsemen

They came in the night, steel shoes sparking on stone and soil. Their braying hymn stilled the air and froze the souls who dared walk under the lamp’s glow. Panic was scared into the darkness and horror had no courage to send them running. So they had come again, the white horses were galloping in. And on them, the four riders of sin and chaos incarnate from the souls of mortals.
Love, ever crimson and bearing the Scythe.
Joy, affixed with the smile and the Morningstar.
Bliss, formed from the Daggers wielded by the heart.
And at their helm, Death with its Rose eternally blooming.


So, this was a fun little jaunt that came up a few days ago while I was thinking about a 100 Word Challenge a little bit ago while at work with nothing to stare at but fools and jesters. It was delayed fun, but fun nonetheless.

I hope you all enjoy

One thought on “100 Word Scrap – The Horsemen

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    Nice turnabout! I especially like the descriptions of each of the horsemen. There’s a darkness here, too, though – love and joy and the rest as warriors paints a scene of battle to come.

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