A Pirate’s Life

He hated the silence. The stillness in the air made his skin tingle with the loss of movement. It meant no action, no challenge, nothing but his pulse in his ear. Darkness surrounded him in the cockpit, causing his hands to shake above the controls. But they had to wait. Had to be silent, at least for a few more minutes.
It wasn’t his fault they were early to the rendezvous. He was just that good, that was all.


“Should be in range in another twenty seconds, if it left port on time.”

“Oh, I’m sure it did. Vex, you ready?”

No answer from the third member, but there never was.

“Alright, dish is in position. Mark it at ten and counting.”

That made him smile. Ten seconds, the normal amount of time it took to go from blackout to deadly for his baby. At the mark, his fingers graced along her buttons as he shook the headphones down onto his ears. As the music began to awaken his senses, so too did every switch flick and button press bring a rumble to her heart that he could feel in his boots.

“Three…two…one…Blast it!”

On the cue, the cacophony in his brain exploded with energy, double bass hammers slamming skin and guitarists summoning demonic screams with six strings. But what he felt was the shuddering thunder of the wave disruptor dish focus and fire on a single point in space not but a cosmic breath away.

And just like Deter said, there it was, right on schedule. A sweet, juicy apple, fallen out of the slipstream and drifting as its on-board computer tried to put together what had just happened to it.
“Yee-ha!” he howled as her main engine fired to life and sent them hurtling right toward the prey while words of the fires of battle looped through him to the fingertips. With practiced precision, he slammed the control sticks down and over, so she would spin up to her belly and swing that shapely ass around as they circled the stunned freighter. Two piercing thuds told him that Vex had a hit with the mag-grapplers, so while the wonderfully chaotic solos from talented hands made his shoulders rock to them, his touch cooled her heartbeat down and brought her down to kiss their prey on the soon to be open hatch.

The moment he felt the click and slam of the airlocks connecting, his butt was out of the seat with pistol in hand. Sure, he wasn’t on the raiding team, he never was. But if he gets a hole blasted through him, there’d be no one left with the touch she needs to fly them out of here. Besides, all that tally-ho and initial pirate jackassery, that was Deter’s thing. Though he had to wonder who enjoyed it more, their brave captain or Wyvorn.
No, his job was simple. Guard the hatch and make sure no unfriendly faces doubled back. Last time it had happened, Wyvorn had taken a couple solid hits to the spine, and he’d never hear the end of it now. Oh well, the solo was dying down and the crescendo was upon them. Indeed, two sets of sidearms came blazing back towards the hatch, one of them doubtlessly with a bloodthirsty grin. All that meant was that he needed to get his butt back to his seat.
He could feel the slam of the hatch closing in his boots as Deter yelled “We’re on! Bust it!”

She roared back to life and pulled up and away from their target, the groan and cry of weakening metal echoed through his touch as the music began to come down from its crown. With a snap, she was free, cradling the prized innards of a now dead hauler. On the final drum beat, she came alive at full power and raced away from the kill.

“Yeah! We got this shit! Looks like it’s payday, boys!” Deter cheered though the halls of the ship.

Anon leaned back from her controls as the autopilot took over now, beginning their slipstream calculations. He loved a job done right.


Because sometimes, we all just want to raise a little hell every now and then. >:D

I hope you all enjoy.