It started with the warmth in his skin, and the bumps down his back, and he knew the time was coming. He wanted to warn them, wanted to run and save them all. But a knight does not shirk his post, for it is his charge unto the very end. So perfectly polished platemail and sterling shield and sword cover the wound for a while.

It happened slowly, the bumps erupting into spines tearing downward like shark’s teeth, and what once were fingers splayed open to birth the claws that became him. No longer could the armor conceal him, or the shield protect them from him. And no longer would they accept him, and the torches chased him into the night.

It had been the fangs that had come last, carving though the helmet and splitting it like so many overripe fruit. Corrupted crimson eyes are caught by the moon, and finally the heat overtakes him, seeping from his mouth as a froth at first until at least he screams at the heavens. With that howl comes the concentration of all that was and is now lost, expelled from his bones in a pulsing orb larger than his body upwards into the night with only the massive satellite to block it. Yet even the celestial body alone was no longer enough against the siren, and was pushed aside like such inconvenient dust.

The beast was now complete, and was now empty.


So, at the beginning of this year, I told myself that as much I could, there would be no stopping between my brain and the pen. And this is where it wanted to go today. Hmmm…

I hope you all enjoy.

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