100 Word Challenge – Week 164.2 – Payday

The crunch of the snow under my boot blended well into the night as I watched her. Just as expected, she left her home under who knows what guise and headed for sin and sensation.  Whose house did she walk into, I didn’t know. Into whose arms did she fall and stab her husband in the back, it didn’t matter.
What mattered was in all the rush and the lust, the front door was never locked. And then I smiled, clicking back the hammer. Clearly conversation was not a subject of interest tonight. Which was just fine by me, I don’t get paid for my silver tongue.
And Entry #2 for this week’s 100 Word Challenge. Though this one actually came to mind first, sometimes it’s better to lead with the light before we hit the grit.
I hope you all enjoy.

4 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Week 164.2 – Payday

  1. Oh dear, all action and no talking, love how you built the tension in this piece. Well done.

  2. Judee says:

    Darkly satisfying. Looks like he is going to earn his pay!

  3. Mayumi-H says:

    This is *great*! It is so simple yet so evocative. We know exactly who everyone is, the roles they play, while not a single word is spoken. Really good work, here, shade! ❤

  4. Ooh! So yummy! I like this one a lot. 🙂

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