More than Five Sentence Fiction: Twisting the Truth

“Why did you leave us?”
The question didn’t so much punch him as they did kick his heart out through his boots. It was a voice etched upon his very soul, but to hear it now? What the hell is going on?! It isn’t …! It can’t be!
“Why did you go away, daddy? Are you mad at us?”
The room around him grew dark, or maybe it was the weight that had been hidden behind a stilled heart that finally started to break him. Dropping to his knees, he could muster no words, only sorrowful shaking.
“Please don’t be mad anymore. We love you, daddy. Please, come home!”
“I’m sorry….I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…”came the whispers on stuttering breath as the tears rolled down his face.
“Then why didn’t you come home to us? To me?” And then she appeared, an angel made mortal that had crossed his path so many years ago.  He wanted to take her in his arms, to hold her until all time fell away…
No. It wasn’t her. It was something else. Wearing her face. Speaking with her voice.
“You…you son of a bitch! How dare you!” In an instant, what once was morose had become furious, and he was on his feet without even a thought.
And at that once, the façade was gone, leaving it to stare into his enraged eyes with incalculable cold fact. “That was what you wished to see wasn’t it? You said yourself that you did not understand whey you were here, and it was empty. Yet you still wish to know the truth of why you are here in the first place.  If those two thoughts are in conflict with each other, then do not blame me.”
“So that’s it?” he asked though the whiplash. “That’s why I’m here? Some kind of punishment for my sins, or whatever shit you call it?”
It shook its head “It is simply a fact of your existence.”
Well, I was originally going to do two entries for Five Sentence Fiction this week, but this one couldn’t be contained to so short a space. Instead, it sprouted into a continuation of a story that as been building for some time now.What can I say, when the theme fits, the words follow.
I hope you all enjoy.

One thought on “More than Five Sentence Fiction: Twisting the Truth

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    I’ve said before how much I’m intrigued by this pseudo-ghost story, and I’m glad you take the time to continue fleshing it out, when the mood strikes you. I’d love to see all of these vignettes and scenes put together, too, if you ever choose to make it so.

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