100(ish) Word Challenge – Week 171: Unbelieveable

There are moments that can never be described, and other moments that can’t even be believed to exist. All of these moments they thought they had seen already in their long careers in the cockpit.

It seems the universe had other ideas.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing this,” Wedge said, too stunned to move at the scene.

“You? I can’t believe I’m hearing this.” Tycho added, drink frozen halfway to his mouth.

Hobbie smirked, “Well, I never thought I’d say this; Wes Janson finally grew up  and found a girl that could stand him for the rest of their lives. I blame you, Tycho”

The tallest pilot gave a perplexed look, “Me? Oh no, no no. This is all Wedge’s fault. All his talks about ‘maturity’ and ‘command responsibilities’ finally pushed Wes over the edge.”

The leader of the pack just shook his head, “I can only blame myself for not seeing this coming.”

“Will you three pipe down?” Wes quipped back, still holding his blushing bride to be. “I swear, I can’t take you kids anywhere…”


I love writing when I get to use these characters. They are just so much fun 😀

I hope you all enjoy


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