5 Sentence Fiction – #3 of 3: Isolation in Judgement

The perfume of blood hung in the midnight air as he cleaned his whip and sickle. Though not a soldier or citizen were left standing in what was once a citadel, never had his resolution been more focused. He could not save them from the corruption of tyrants or the plagues of greed or malcontent if they remained blind to their woes. And if they could not be saved in life, Xaiver alone would save them through release. In time, the once-proud name of the Tempest Knights would be spoken again, and he would be their salvation.

5 Sentence Fiction – #2 of 3: Isolation in Feeling

The rain coats the sidewalk in slick sorrow, but he doesn’t feel it. Along his path to nowhere, the streetlights dim in mourning, but he doesn’t see. All he can feel is the echo of what once beat in his chest. That which had given him courage at one time, and had guided him to this spot. The very thing she had so unwillingly crushed with pity and resignation.

Entry #2 of the fro this week’s 5 Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. Something else everyone probably has known at least once. And hopefully, only once.

I hope you all enjoy.

5 Sentence Fiction – 1 of 3: Isolated in Duty

Among the many, we are the one. Our names are many and you will know them; Prime, Shepard, Enterprise, Rogue, Demon Lord, Razgriz, Officer. Yet the words are feathers compared to the iron they wrap us in. Such is the shield we must carry to stand between the innocent and the wicked. The price of the title of ‘hero’.

Entry #1 for this week’s 5 Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. Truth be told, I like to think everyone knows at least one hero in some form or another. You may not know their names, but they’re out there.

I hope you all enjoy.