Silver Wings

On a December’s eve, crusted in snow
She came to me, alive in silvered finish
Though a human’s touch, she’d not yet come to know
My heart foresaw joy that wouldn’t diminish

Her divinely crafted frame spoke of grace
And her wings in bloom whispered of flight
Songs from an angel call me forth to this place,
Beckoning my approach from hallowed night

I smile at her and ask her desires
Her engines whimper, begging release
Our hearts melded, racing ever higher
Into the starlight, our cares released

We set off for the moon, riding beyond its beam
And then I awaken, lost from the dream


So, this is from an old challenge I did a long time ago, but it has seen the editor’s knife and so has changed a bit. So, I figure why not show its growth?

I hope you all enjoy.

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