5 Min Fiction -The Morning’s Touch

He had known she was angry from the moment he first touched her that day. Perhaps it was something in the dawn light that had stirred within her, or something in the brisk breeze of the mountains around them that had caused a twitch in her heart, but he could tell that she was unsettled. He felt it as he caressed her cheek, a cold energy that spurned most away from her. He had felt it as he climbed into her, taking her every surface under his touch. He heard it in the way her heart quickened as he commanded her. She had awoke not with a smile to greet the sun, but bellow as if to curse that golden light that beamed down upon them. And as the F-15C Eagle had screamed skyward once again, Cipher felt the quiver of her body in the morning and heard the low snarl in her roar. By the time the sun set tonight, it would be bathed in crimson, he did not doubt.


So, I’ve been sitting on this idea for a bit, as the best times I have to actually find my zen to write are often on the drive home. Today, I came up with an idea, or maybe better stated, a challenge. How much can I put to paper in just 5 minutes? That one coffee break or space to breathe, what will come to the pen?

I hope you all enjoy



2 thoughts on “5 Min Fiction -The Morning’s Touch

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    I’m always impressed by the depth of emotion you can pack into even your quick fiction, shade! I also enjoy how you anthropomorphize the craft and weaponry in your stories, because it really puts me in the head of the characters interacting with them. Cipher has had a long history with you, and I can tell that you have an affinity for his voice, especially as it deals with him and his ship. Here’s hoping this is a sign that you get to do more with him!

  2. Thank you, Mayumi!
    I always enjoy bringing Cipher to life because there is so much flexibility to play with. He’s like the silent protagonist from any given RPG, taken another step as you never see his face. He can be noble, ruthless or a balance of the two, just depends on play style.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed!

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