5 Min Fiction -From Bad to Worse

“Bridge to Captain al-Imir! Sensors detecting two inbound subspace wakes inbound to orbit! Classified as one Star Destroyer, one large cruiser! Estimate arrival time in 90 seconds!”

It was the one call Shin had been hoping to avoid, and he practically leapt over the desk in his ready room when it came, “Blue Alert! Shut down all exterior lighting and switch SHIMMER to Mode One!” By the time the Captain arrived on the bridge, the crew was almost silent as they concentrated. “Approach vector on those ships?”

Lt. Roval was quick to the plot, overlaying the data on the main viewscreen. What was coming was coming right at Vawarc, above them and at a thankful distance. If SHIMMER was to be believed, then the U.S.S. Artemis would be almost invisible to the Imperial ships now without actually having a cloaking device of its own. But would it be enough? A Nebula-class starship was not exactly small…

“Recommend we reverse our orbit, sir. Low impulse. Put ourselves further into the planetary shadow,” Commander Suvan proposed, eyes locked on the display attached to her chair to keep up with the flow of status reports and alerts as a first officer would. “Agreed. Mr. Labonte, back us off. One-quarter impulse power. Mr. Roval, if SHIMMER starts to fluctuate at all, report immediately.”

An order that took only seconds to come back at them, “Captain, I’m detecting an output fluctuation in the forward and aft masking arrays, increasing with our momentum. Recommend we cease engines.”

The Captain cursed under his breath, “Understood. Helm, all stop. Commander, get a team looking at this immediately. We need to be able to move while using Mode One.” Though she didn’t look up from her display, Suvan quickly moved to her new task. All al-Imir could do now is hope, and to trust in those around him.

The Star Destroyer thundered into view, a shining dagger in the black. Everyone on the bridge flinched the moment it came into view, waiting for it to come about and face them. Yet it did not, only hovering with its bow pointed at the planet.
But whatever dread it generated by its presence was nothing compared to what thundered out of hyperspace next. At less than half the length of the Star Destroyer, the profile of a disc-shaped saucer section trailing elegantly down to a smoothed secondary hull sweeping up to two brightly glowing nacelles froze the bridge of the Artemis in silence.

“Impossible…that…that can’t be!” Lt. Labonte stuttered out.

Though clenching his fist to keep it from shaking, Shin kept his voice, neutral, “Ops, give me a sensor readout. Tell me we’re not seeing what is on that screen.”

The silence returned as Lt Cdr. Terin and Cdr. Paige checked and rechecked their sensors, finally locking eyes in realization for the senior member to report, “Confirmed, Captain. One Imperial-class Star Destroyer, callsign Maleficent Wind. One Sovereign-class Federation starship, U.S.S. St. Petersburg, NCC-74773.”


So, this is just a sample of a much greater storyline/series of storylines I’ve been dreaming since I was a wee lad. I love Star Trek. I love Star Wars. To put these two giants of imagination together has been a thing many sci-fi fans and over-dedicated nerds like me have been waiting for. Its contentious, likely impossible and even ludicrous, but still I swirl them together like flavors of ice cream 🙂

I hope you all enjoy.


One thought on “5 Min Fiction -From Bad to Worse

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    What I liked best about this piece is all of the bridge-speak; everybody has a personality, and it’s a neat opportunity to explain the tech without needing to delve too much into the babble. Reading your sci-fi always makes me want to write in that world, too. 🙂

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