5 Minute Fiction -A Demon Lord’s Companion

It wasn’t the way she scrunched her eyes when the sun finally hit them that made him realize it. It wasn’t the way she rooted her nose into his chest so she could shield her face. It wasn’t her shaggy golden hair that clung to the back of her neck, or the swell of her chest against his side. It wasn’t even the way her fingers tugged unconsciously at his chest that made him realize he loved her.

Cipher knew he loved her because she could dance the dance of aces. He’d watched her roll the eighty thousand pounds of death that was her Su-34/FULLBACK until her china belly kissed the sky to dodge a missile even he barely saw, before she went in screaming with cannon fire. She had tucked in tightly to his wing as they barreled through the forests of Belka, just barely high enough to avoid the leaves, for a clean getaway after raining fire on an incoming army formation. She raced him into the middle of a hurricane to pounce on a flight of Chinese fighters testing their teeth, leaving nothing but broken metal and stained water.

And though it all, there was a joy in her voice. A light in her wake, and a smile both for the sky and just for him.

The alarm began to buzz on the table next to the bed, making her scrunch her nose and causing him to smile wider as he kissed her forehead. “No, I refuse,” she mumbled.

“But the sky’s awake now, dearie. It’s time to head on home again.”

This is in one part a companion piece to something I did a while back called “Home Above” https://shadetheraven.wordpress.com/2013/06/14/five-sentence-fiction-1-of-2-home-above/

But it’s also something that I’ve wanted to explore in this universe before, and I think it’s a question that comes up a lot with a nameless/faceless protagonist. At the end of the day, what do they really have?

I hope you all enjoy


One thought on “5 Minute Fiction -A Demon Lord’s Companion

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    I did more than just enjoy this – I Loved it, with a capital L. ❤

    That first paragraph is lovely, but the second one blew me away! My eyes got a little bit misty at that lush description, and the joy in its telling. I don't know where you came up with this, but it's a gorgeous addition to your Cipher's universe. The "dearie" at the end is so sweet and simple, too. Well done! I wouldn't mind at all if you decided to run further with this idea, especially if we can see what comes from it!

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