Five Sentence Fiction – The Blooming Year

In the spring morning, you did not know me, for I did not yet know myself.

As the summer breeze played over us, it lifted your lips into a smile that mine could dance upon.

When the leaves began to fall, your touch grew only warmer to shield us

And the chill of winter could not reach us as two paths became one, united in love

So let the years fall away from the calendar, so long as our hearts are always interlaced.

My entry for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction Challenge. Some of you may guess quickly whose story this is, and if not, that’s okay. Because if you’ve had a year like this, then this is for you.

I hope you all enjoy.


100 Word Challenge – Night Stalker


Welcome to my web, little fly.


I’ve watched you in the dark each night, stumbling and tumbling and looking for hope.


Fear not, poor little dear. Hope is here now. For there is nothing as wonderful as death.


No longer will you stumble all lost and alone. No longer will you be cold, forgotten and broken.


Feel my string wrap your limbs, and swell with the feeling of the inevitable.


There is no escape for you, or for any who have landed in my web.


It will only be painful if you struggle.


My entry for this week’s 100 Word Challenge. Because what you don’t see can in fact hunt you down >:D

I hope you all enjoy. And Happy Halloween!

Five Sentence Fiction – The Feeling of Truth

He canted his wings to see them below, as warm and happy as the golden sun. How much things had changed since he’d first cut through these skies, seeing choking smoke and the sounds of battle and liberation.
“You see that, Cipher? That’s all you, and what you did for them,” his wingman chatted over, no doubt proud of his comrade.

But the Demon Lord could only shake his head, because those smiles below would not save them for what was coming, what they were flying out to meet.

And part two of this week’s Five Sentence Fiction challenge. Because those who have seen the worst parts of what the world can be can sometimes never find their place among those who haven’t.

I hope you all enjoy.

Five Sentence Fiction – The Symbol of Hope

The sound of distant speed pulled his eyes upwards into the blue and the smile to his cheeks. Reaching up with his free hand towards the two sliver streaks, his fingers danced with the two angels above. He wanted to catch them like fireflies and bottle them away, so that they would keep him safe always. He wanted to jump into the clouds and fly with them, to feel the wind in his face and hear the rumbles of thunder grow dimmer behind him.

Most of all, he wanted to be one of them; fearless and brave knights who were never brought down.

Lookie what I found, a new Five Sentence Fiction challenge! It’s been a long time since I was able to be descriptively wordy, but still restrained by a framework of some kind.

I hope you all enjoy.

100 Word Challenge – Mole Hunt

They found it stuffed between lockers, given away by its bright orange even in the emergency lights. Picking it up, the taller man frowned. The material felt like it was supposed to, at least almost. Having worn one for so many years, he knew something was off.

“It’s a fake, and a really good one.” Tycho almost hissed.

Wedge scowled as well. The idea that a mole had burrowed its way into his flyers made his teeth grind, “Any idea on whose?”

Tycho fumbled the uniform in his grip, trying to find something unique about it. “Not with this thing, but we’ll find them.”

And my other take on this week’s 100 Word Challenge. This one took a little longer, mainly because how the scene would unfold, but not who to stab in the back. In the end, I chose the Rogues because they are so tight-knit, and will in turn have the greatest last word…

I hope you all enjoy.

100 Word Challenge – Silk

He had searched high and low to find it, grinning like a fool when he finally found it. The material felt like what he imagined euphoria must feel like, the way it pooled in his hand, yet sparked every nerve in his fingers. He imagined the ways it would dance off her hips the way fire dances in the air. How it would caress her skin as she slipped it on, only for him to tease it back off later.

“Is there something I can help you with, young man?” the seamstress asked him.

Souji had only one question, “Does this come in red?”

And it’s time for another 100 Word Challenge! And just like they did oh so long ago, this one wrote itself in about five seconds once I saw the prompt. And it wants to go a lot father, which you may end up seeing at one point 🙂

I hope you all enjoy.

Five Minute Fiction – Sacrifice

A wise teacher once compared the chaos of battle to the search for harmony in an orchestra. Every section had its piece of the symphony, but had to be controlled with precision and order. In order to complete each movement, there had to be a carefully constructed plan with an omnipresent conductor, else the formation would fall apart.
And at the center of their formation, trying desperately to achieve that harmony, was their conductor, the dreadnaught Trinity. The culmination of human ingenunity and desperation in the face of the Bri’nell. Over the fiery eruptions of Proxima Centauri, the shining sword of mankind and her fleet of a hundred of the bravest warships was to meet the enemy and stop their advance on Sol. It would be messy, bloody and frantic. If the Bri’nell brought the fleet that their intelligence suggested they could field, it would have been a successful stand. Their defeat would be glorious and give humanity that spark they needed to rally on.

Only they brought far more than that.

“…Bomber Squadron Nine has been destroyed! Squadron Twelve, move to engage…”
“…Destroyer Ankara has taken critical damage, reactor breach impending…”
“…enemy artillery focusing on carrier Vahalla! Reporting major damage to hanger section…”
He gripped the railing around the command platform until his knuckles were white. The discord of voices and cacophony of destruction was far more than he’d ever imagined. Even while the stark white of Trinity’s beam turrets cut through approaching enemies and her missile batteries still spewed fire, they just kept on coming. The entire ship shook as their main trump card, the asteroid-busting Tri-Beam Cannon fired again into the heart of the Bri’nell force, creating a second sun’s glow within their ranks. Still, they kept on coming.

“Admiral, we’ve lost Excalibur and the Genbu! Our starboard line is coming apart!” To punctuate the point, two small supernovas lit up brighter than the star they were over as whatever was left of a thousand lives began to plummet to the inferno.
Standing tall, Admiral Kar Rinkasha could think of no other hope for Earth, no other path for his men except the inevitable than one. “Rotate the bow thirty degrees, target the core of the star! Signal all able ships to fall back to Sol perimeter! We’re going to burn their entire fleet with the power of the heavens themselves! And our names will be remembered by who look up at the peaceful night sky!””

Silence fell over the bridge as his crew exchanged surprise. Until that moment, there had been hope, or at least belief in hope. Now, they understood the desperation and the hopelessness of this fight. But fear turned to understanding and resolve, as they swore to their own reasons to become hope for someone else.
“Trinity to Battle Groups Two and Four, set heading one-eight-zero by…”
“All fighters RTB! Repeat, all fighters…!”
“Cancel all rescue shuttles and shunt energy systems into stardrives…”
“Bridge to weapons control, divert power from ventral cannons into Tri-Beam feed…”

He could hear the confusion, the resistance in the voice of his other crews, and he couldn’t blame them. The Admiral had just condemned two thousand people to die in a gamble, and an untested one at that. Yet what was gained by dying here in glory and not ensuring the survival of their homes? If this failed, at least they would make it back to regroup and reform the line.

“Tri-Beam power approaching peak levels, ready to fire in”
“Negative!” Kar announced over everyone. “Hold fire until critical power! We have to get the most out of this shot!”

Trinity rocked and groaned as a small squad of Bri’nell beam frigates focused on her bow, cutting a violet swath of wrecked metal and fire across her face. Ivory beams from the dreadnaught’s cannons bit back once, twice, four times in a moment, taking at least two frigates as payment. Still, under that kind of bombardment, they wouldn’t last long,

“Tri-Beam power now at 25% over maximum, the capacitors and batteries are beginning to melt!” Indeed, lightning and wrath were arcing from the cannon’s focal point, distorting their view of the red star in their path.

May the gods watch over our kin so that they may forgive us… “That will have to do! Lock on and fire!”

So, way back when I first heard of NaNoWriMo, this was the story I started to think about. The last hope of humanity, the sacrifice of what it would take to beat overwhelming odds, and the sword they would need to save the world. And one day, even if it takes me a few more NaNos, this is the one I feel like I will finish.

I hope you all enjoy.