100 Word Challenge – Mole Hunt

They found it stuffed between lockers, given away by its bright orange even in the emergency lights. Picking it up, the taller man frowned. The material felt like it was supposed to, at least almost. Having worn one for so many years, he knew something was off.

“It’s a fake, and a really good one.” Tycho almost hissed.

Wedge scowled as well. The idea that a mole had burrowed its way into his flyers made his teeth grind, “Any idea on whose?”

Tycho fumbled the uniform in his grip, trying to find something unique about it. “Not with this thing, but we’ll find them.”

And my other take on this week’s 100 Word Challenge. This one took a little longer, mainly because how the scene would unfold, but not who to stab in the back. In the end, I chose the Rogues because they are so tight-knit, and will in turn have the greatest last word…

I hope you all enjoy.

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