100(ish) Word Challenge – Magician’s Chariot

The coffee was growing cold in his hand, though he didn’t notice. He was hoping the falling snow would distract him from what was racing behind them. All the warmth in his heart that came to mind at the mention of her name. The tingle of her hair playing through his fingers and the spark of his lips to hers.

All these places they’d been, but where were they going?

Light-brown hair tickled his arm as she leaned into him, “You’re up early.”

“Yeah,” he replied without looking.

“Took my warmth, jerk…”she murmured sleepily, snaking her arms into his robe.

Youske sighed, embracing her in return. “Chie…will you marry me?”

And entry #3 in this week’s 100 Word Challenge, though I kind of cheated with this one and overshot the count. Had to be done though, as some moments needs that extra flex 🙂

I hope you all enjoy.

100 Word Challenge – No Rest For the Vigilant

The red alert sprung Shin from bed on instinct. He had no idea if he’d slept since the Artemis arrived in system, but his eyes burned as his mind raced.

“Bridge, this is the Captain. Report status.”

“Picking up multiple fighter launches from Maleficent Wind. Count is thirty-six Interceptors, twenty-four bombers. They’ve formed up in flights and are spreading out.”

There was a lot in there that didn’t make sense to him. It was one thing to just send the fighters down to the planet below, but where were they going?

Update, Captain. We’ve got one unit heading right for us, bearing zero-two-seven, closing fast!”

Entry #2 for this week’s 100 Word Challenge, and part of a larger, developing story. The hardest job of being stealthy is knowing when to shoot, when to run, and when to hide. so when the hunting dogs start looking, what do you do?

I hope you all enjoy.

100 Word Challenge -Feint

With the sun to his back, the Demon Lord pounced on his prey, a quartet of swan-like BLACKJACK and their escort FOXHOUND. Though the noise and static of their defenses impeded him from long-range kills, Cipher had no qualms letting his F-15C/Eagle feast using her 20mm cannon. Try as they might to run, there was no escape.

Yet the protectors did not engage. Instead, their afterburners lit to ignite a Mach 3 chase onward.

“AWACS Eagle Eye to Galm, confirmed kill on four bombers! Nice work!”

“Well, yeah, but where were they going? There’s nothing out here except…”

The realization hit him in the belly …”home.”

Entry #1 in this week’s 100 Word Challenge. It’s often said that deception is one of the greatest tools a military can use to cause effects. but when dealing with a Demon Lord, do you dare try and surprise him?

I hope you all enjoy.

100 Word Challenge -The Nightmare

The heat beating down on them was nothing compared to the burning truck as they spilled out of it, blurs, howls and moments of frantic battle all becoming one.

The first shots fired.

A girl screaming.

Someone close choking on metal while shouting “Allahu Ackbar”

Another explosion, knocking everyone down, his ears ringing.

As the smoke cleared, the metallic taste of iron and death in the air tried to choke him as he stood, but that wasn’t what terrified him.

“Why didn’t you join us?” they all asked with one voice.

Bryan jolted awake, the cold sweat pooled around him and fists clenched white.

And Entry #2 for this week’s 100 Word Challenge. Because some things will never leave you, no matter how hard you try and shake them.

I hope you all enjoy.

100 Word Challenge – The First Shot

He brought his X-Wing into as tight a turn as it would manage, rolling it along its wingtips. Red pulses dashed above and below him as he danced, evading the Valkyrie’s weapons lock. “He’s staying on me, Two. Slip ‘em!”

His wingman acknowledged with action, slipping out of line and sliding his snubfighter until he was in line with the pursuer. Yet the enemy didn’t waiver, pouring fire at its target. Tycho did not hesitate either, pumping quadburst after quadburst of cannon fire into the Federation fighter. And as the smoke cleared, neither Rogue questioned their actions or what was bound to happen next.

Entry #1 for this week’s 100 Word Challenge. It takes a lot for friends to become enemies. A disagreement, differences in morals or values, or a secret kept hidden deep down. But once that trust is broken, how deep does the fissure run?

I hope you all enjoy.