100 Word Challenge -Feint

With the sun to his back, the Demon Lord pounced on his prey, a quartet of swan-like BLACKJACK and their escort FOXHOUND. Though the noise and static of their defenses impeded him from long-range kills, Cipher had no qualms letting his F-15C/Eagle feast using her 20mm cannon. Try as they might to run, there was no escape.

Yet the protectors did not engage. Instead, their afterburners lit to ignite a Mach 3 chase onward.

“AWACS Eagle Eye to Galm, confirmed kill on four bombers! Nice work!”

“Well, yeah, but where were they going? There’s nothing out here except…”

The realization hit him in the belly …”home.”

Entry #1 in this week’s 100 Word Challenge. It’s often said that deception is one of the greatest tools a military can use to cause effects. but when dealing with a Demon Lord, do you dare try and surprise him?

I hope you all enjoy.

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