100 Word Challenge – No Rest For the Vigilant

The red alert sprung Shin from bed on instinct. He had no idea if he’d slept since the Artemis arrived in system, but his eyes burned as his mind raced.

“Bridge, this is the Captain. Report status.”

“Picking up multiple fighter launches from Maleficent Wind. Count is thirty-six Interceptors, twenty-four bombers. They’ve formed up in flights and are spreading out.”

There was a lot in there that didn’t make sense to him. It was one thing to just send the fighters down to the planet below, but where were they going?

Update, Captain. We’ve got one unit heading right for us, bearing zero-two-seven, closing fast!”

Entry #2 for this week’s 100 Word Challenge, and part of a larger, developing story. The hardest job of being stealthy is knowing when to shoot, when to run, and when to hide. so when the hunting dogs start looking, what do you do?

I hope you all enjoy.

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