100 Word Challenge: Lucky Break

Pulsing red and blue filled their rear mirror as the Viper growled while it slowed.

“I warned you, bro. You don’t get a stretch of highway this long without the popos on it somewhere.”

Bryan shook his head, “I’m telling you, I looked in front and behind! Which way did he come from?”

“Probably jumped the median a ways back. I’m just amazed they caught up, Mister ‘How Fast Can This Go?’ ” Lance chuckled

“Yeah, well, at least you get to join me in the jail cell for this one, there’s no way were…”

And then the cruiser whipped past, siren screaming and relieved breaths escaping.

A new entry for a new year! This week’s 100 Word Challenge was a well-needed spark to get this year started with a bang. Or, in this case, a near heart-attack.

I hope you all enjoy.

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