5 Sentence Fiction – A New World

He’d seen the best and the worst from those he held most dear, those secrets kept bottled for so long until they exploded.

In the course of a year, he had evolved from a stranger and transient to a friend, a brother, a lover and a leader.

For a humanity that would never know outside their company, he’d faced down a god and brought forth the truth of the world.

When she became his in name and in love, he thought there was no higher level of love and bliss than this.

But when Souji watched those new eyes first open the world to that tiny form wrapped next to his mother’s bosom, a whole new dimension of life and family opened its doors to greet him.

Entry #1 for this week’s 5 Sentence Fiction. One that I have been blessed to experience, one that really has no other words except maybe “Wow!”.

I hope you all enjoy.

2 thoughts on “5 Sentence Fiction – A New World

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    Ah, that parental love, so full of joy and hope (and a little bit of fear, if I’m honest). Souji is a neat choice for this, especially with the changes that have come before this moment. It’s one that irrevocably evolves a person, and it shows, here. ❤

    I think it should be "…evolved from a stranger…” but no issues other than that. Nice work!

  2. Thank you, Mayumi!
    I was torn between choosing Wedge or Souji for this one, since both come from very different realities. I went with P4 pretty much for the sole reason of who would be changed more by this new stage of life.

    And you are absolutely right, it should have been! This is what I get for not giving these a second read-over and just blasting them out…editing, it’s important! 😀

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