The Lost

It has as many theories behind its legend as there have been witnesses who have seen it. Some say it was the reason for the Big Bang, the devil that the Creator fought and defeated to bring life to the universe. Others have called it a demon from the Andromeda Galaxy, only the first of others to come.

Even in Starfleet, we aren’t above superstition. Some in the crew believe it to be the dead hulk of the original U.S.S. Enterprise that survived its fall to Genesis and was cursed to live forever. Others, including my own first officer, personify it to be a remnant from an alternate universe, forever caught in the middle of our own timeline and wherever it came from. Whispers between my bridge staff about the echoes of the lost and unanswered hails from long-dead crewmen through the ages of space exploration has not been lost on me.

There are a lot of unexplained phenomena in the universe, this is beyond question. But the supernatural or the arcane…these are things best left for the sailors and fisherman of Earth centuries ago.

We arrived in the Sigma Onias system six hours ago to investigate the disappearance of several transports in the region. So far, we’ve detected many unusual anomalies and signatures, but nothing concrete. Yet the growing unease among my crew is noteworthy, so I can only hope we make a breakthrough here with haste so that their minds can focus on upcoming R&R.

  • Log Entry: Captain Phurr Venrir, U.S.S. Kestrel

COMPUTER NOTE: U.S.S. Kestrel was reported missing forty-eight hours later after failing to report updates to Starbase 212. Presumed lost with all hands.

So, this little bit came into my head on a dark and stormy night, which made for amazing dreams but restless sleeps. I may keep it going, I may not, who knows. But it’s a subject that this universe seems to rarely deal with beyond a passing mention.


I hope you all enjoy.