Crew Introductions – Traditions of the Corps

The core of any warrior was rooted in discipline, and the Starfleet Marine was no exception. Core values like courage, honor and duty were drilled into every Private and Officer Cadet from the day they volunteered to wear the uniform.  So when a Marine chose to shirk that discipline in favor of more ¨freelance¨ displays of comradery, it was a matter that required review.


1st Lt S´tal regared his two junior Marines with typical Vulcan hardness as they entered the 202nd´s Briefing Room and gave their reporting statements. S´tal knew full well why this meeting was called, but the two junior enlisted were entitled to present their case as to why they had chosen this course of action.


Staff Sgt. Kalwari leaned forward, his Andorian antennae peaking straight up, ¨So, let me get this straight: at approximately 0200 hours, you two knuckleheads decided to pay a little visit to the hanger bay, correct?¨

¨Yes, Staff Segreant,” responded LCpl Ricekwinge, before he added ¨We were looking for Private Penn´s rucksack, which she said she left in the shuttle.¨


¨You mean, you wanted to show off for one of your most junior Marines in the hopes of impressing her.¨ S´tal corrected.


Kalweri motioned for the young men to continue, ¨And at what point did it cross your minds that you needed red paint?¨


This time, Cpl Palagena answered, ¨I was gonna mark her bag with it…so she wouldn´t lose it again. Nothin´ vulgar or anythin´, just a big ´X´ or somthin´.¨


¨And that´s when you two saw Lt Carver´s starfighter, the No Mercy?¨ the Andorian NCO questioned.


Palagena shook his head, ¨No, Staff Sergeant, we were next to Ensign Blackwell´s ship by then.¨


¨Which, obviously, required you to paint a two meter-anatomically correct human phallus on it for all to see?¨ the Lt frankly asked, causing the three enlisted Marines to repress varying degrees of snickers.


¨Well, he was an asshole, sir! ´Bout bowled me over prancing over to his ship during the first drill!¨ Ricekwinge retored. 


¨I didn´t realize you were a ranking member of our Starfighter Wing and so enabled to give this…unorthodox counselling to the Ensign.¨ corrected S´tal, sombering the room.


¨So when did Lt´s personal craft come into play?” Kalwari submitted, still picturing the giant member splayed across Blackwell´s ship and laughing internally.

¨His was the last, Staff Sergeant. Figured the biggest swinging dick required the best work.¨ the Corporal answered.


¨Do I even want to know how you knew the painstaking details of a Klingon erection, or how long it took to paint it three meters long?¨ the Andorian was snickering again.


¨Probably not, Staff Sergeant.¨


“And the reason you two proceeded to grafitti every starfighter on the Astraea with photo-realistc genitals was a measure of artistic skill?” S’tal posed.

To which the junior Marines nodded. “I suppose so, Lieutenant.” Ricekwinge replied.


“In that case Marines, you’ve got a bit of studying to do.” Kalwari finally laughed.


“I concur” the Vulcan began, “and my proposal to Chief Koing for ship-wide drug testing will specify you two as the 202nd’s monitors. So you can fully familiarize yourselves with the biological tools of every male member of the crew.”


Another ensemble session of role-players, highlighting only the finest of cross-service bonding. Because in every iteration I’ve ever seen, a Marine is a Marine is a Marine.

I hope you all enjoy.

When Born a Dragon

In the beginning, I was born a dragon,
An engine designed for a sole purpose.
Every component crafted for little else,
blind passion, light and dark, painted my wings.

Yet without that function,
the beast drifts courseless.
Instinct without reason,
impusle without guidance.

Its mission now determined by power,
leaving animal drives over restraint.
The engine cannot balance itself.
A molten heart cannot thaw infinity,
The dragon, doomed to wither, cannot learn.


Sometimes it can be quite interesting to see what the brain can concoct with little rest and in the dead of night. If I’m lucky, it might even make sense.


I hope you all enjoy.