Mid-Week Challenge: Beyond the Ice

Even on the warmest days of the year, the glacial shore never unfroze. Thousands of years of the purest water was held in unbreakable stasis, disturbed only by the traversing wildlife and the cycle of tides brought down from the heavens.

Such frigid, unreachable isolation was just what he wanted right now, and it had taken almost two nights to trot across the Icelandic wastelands to reach it. Now, on the edge of the world, T’kul sat so his front paws were kissed by the lapping waves, but his tail was free to twitch. The ivory wolf still wasn’t sure why he’d been called away from the pack and pulled here, but whatever had summoned him had been quite convincing in its insistence.

A slow breeze made his ears twitch, yet it spoke nothing. T’kul cocked his head into the sensation, looking or sniffing for anything and feeling a sense of relief upon finding nothing. In that moment, the canine wondered what would happen if he took off on top of the water and ran into the setting sun. Would he find the end of all things? Would he leave this landscape behind and set foot on the light that encircles the world?

“You know, if you keep looking at it, it’ll come around behind you.” A visiting voice chittered at him, forcing T’kul’s ears down. “And you followed me, why?”

Setting down on a jagged ice block,  the white-tailed eagle gave the quadraped a smirk. “Wanted to know what you were looking for, pup.”

T’kul shook his head in resignation that his alone moment was gone. “Ever wonder what’s beyond here, Ikari?”

“I know what’s out there, pup. A whole lot of water and plenty of fish!” the eagle said, extending his wings to demonstrate the scale of it all.

Such an answer didn’t sit right with T’kul, and the wolf couldn’t figure out why. Standing with a snort, he backed up back onto the rocky shore, then took to as fast a sprint as he could, leaping only at the last second. And the wolf came down on the surface of the icy clear water, but didn’t bust through it.

Standing on the surface that shouldn’t be there, T’kul’s eyes lit up and his tail stood straight up. “Then explain this!”

Ikari twisted his avain eyes towards the wolf, then the water, then back to the wolf. “Wait…how is…?” In a flash of curiosity, the eagle drove his beak into the waves, and the freezing cold water splashed up his face and across his feathered chest. With a surprised squawk, the eagle hopped back. 

Satisfied, T’kul turned away from the shore and towards the setting sun. “You’re wrong, flyer! You’re not looking for what’s beyond!” And with an excited yowl, the wolf took off in his sprint once again towards the infinite oranges and crimson’s beyond the shore.


Another entry in the Mid-Week Flash Challenge from Finding Clarity. These image prompts have been nothing short of amazing, and I look forward to doing more of them in 2021.

I hope you all enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Challenge: Beyond the Ice

  1. Mayumi Hirtzel says:

    What a delightful little foray into this wolf’s world! I love what you did with the voices here. The details are great, too – the line “extending his wings to demonstrate the scale of it all” is perfect for that moment as both a description and a character bit.

    It’s exciting to see so many different stories popping from your pen!

    • Thank you, Mayumi!
      I had a lot of fun with this one, exploring both the simpler, but much more wondrous, perspective of these two. Especially with how their very being shapes how the view certain things.

      Thank you for reading and leaving feedback! I hope to bring you more of these two through the year ahead.

  2. Really enjoyable! Love the imagery. Works so well with the prompt. Thanks for joining in with midweekflash.

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